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    Anyone heard of Cooling Depot thermostats?

    Installed one in 04 maxima during timing chain replacement due to better access as the OEM one had 350000km on it . Unfortunately I should have left well enough alone, the cooling Depot is a dud. Now I have to dig into it again.
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    Engine Oil\Oil Filter Options - Nissan Maxima

    I run almost any synthetic oil thats on sale 5-30 in winter or 10-30 in summer and fram extended gaurd filter in my 04 max. I had reason to pull the heads off at 170,000km due to a slipped cam chain and there was no measureable wear in the cylinders in fact everything looked great. I think the...
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    Oil additives in a wet clutch motorcycle?

    You should most definitely pull the clutch side cover off and clean the centrifugal oil filter [nobody ever does] it will most likely be full of dirt . Just pull the cover off and open the filter, three screws , flush it out with contact cleaner or brake cleaner. If you are lucky you wont need a...