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    Did a ballast bypass for a 48" fixture - fluorescent lighting parts are getting harder to find

    Some of the best tubes for lumen output were the T5's. They used a little more electricity and they would last for a very long time. Electronic ballasts can be used to replace magnetic ballasts (F40T12) and you could use F32T8 bulbs in the same fixture as the pin spacing is the same. (Be careful...
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    AAA - paid for itself in one hotel stay.

    Here in Virginia, Discount Tire offers $10 off per tire if you are a AAA member! North Carolina's DT does not. may want to check to see, if you decide to purchase from DT.
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    Massive Fail at Lowes Yesterday

    Having worked retail for 20+ yrs. w/Lowes/HD and Sears. I will say, we @ HD are very short staffed. The new hires generally know very little and there's very little computer training. Shadowing an experienced associate for mentoring is not always possible. (New hires are mostly PT and many quit...
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    2012 VW Beetle 2.5L Oil Weight

    I've use Castrol 0w-40 in my 2012 Golf 2.5L. When my supply runs out I have QS 5w-40 Euro and Total 504 5w-30/40 waiting. Please drop the transmission pan/install a new strainer/clean the magnets and new fluid. Very easy to change plugs. Gas mileage is pretty good if you don't manually shift the...
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    Home Depot to stop selling incandescent lightbulbs July 31st.

    Nothing wrong w/halogen PAR 38's in outside flood lights which don't stay on for long time. Buy them now (if you're still able). The energy saver halogen A19 bulbs are nothing like the old filament bulbs of old. I'm not a fan of these. You may also want to look into buying a gas powered mower...
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    Refrigerator Suggestions

    Based on our experience, I suggest looking into a GE 21.8 Cu. Ft. ZS22IYNFS. Counter-depth w/door water/ice dispenser. Water and ice taste good. $1399. Working perfectly. Hopefully for the next decade!
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    Check your local Tractor Supply (oil clearance)

    THANK-YOU for posting this! Went and picked-up 6 5ga. Castrol Edge 5w-30 and 4 5a. Edge 5w-20's. Also, 2 PP HM 5a. jugs. I'm set for a long, long time.
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    What's a fair price for a transmission fluid change on my BMW?

    I've done this service on my 04 325i which has the gm 5-sp. transmission. PITA because the car is so low to the ground to begin with. Even on ramps, jacks and my 3 ton floor lift. Not an overly difficult job, just messy. Something I don't look forward to doing anytime in the future! (Love the...
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    Superior Home Depot customer service experience. Time They are A Changing.

    Every store, whether HD or Lowes, will vary in the quality of knowledgeable help depending on the time of day a customer shops. In our store, you'll find the most experienced people working up to 5pm M-F. Weekends, little more staffing but you might not get the most experienced person in a...
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    Thoughts on Vandersteen speakers?

    A used Bryston 4B-ST would surely be a fine match w/those speakers. ($1500 used.) Matched w/a good used 2 channel pre-amplifier. Let's not forget the cabling which will make a noticeable impact on sound quality. If it was me, I'd look for a used Arcam Int-amp and be happy. (My modified Arcam...
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    Thoughts on Vandersteen speakers?

    Looking at the specs, 6 ohm 87 dB efficient and 100-200 watts recommended. Also a stable 4 ohm receiver/integrated amp recommended. You're going to be going down an expensive rabbit hole. It took me many years of experimenting to finally get sonic bliss from my systems. Research from Vandersteen...
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    Wiring my new shed

    From what I understand, you want a main breaker 10-space sub panel in your shed. How far of a run from your main panel to your sub-panel? When you say, 6-3. Is this 6-3 UF-B w/ground wire? 4 conductors which is what you need. Or are you going to run wire in conduit? If in conduit, you could run...
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    5w30 or 5w40 (or 0w30) Castrol Edge Euro vs 0w40 euro edge to reduce engine oil consumption in e46

    Please excuse any ignorance on my part, I'm just trying to learn. According to Castrol's website, Castrol 0w-40 Viscosity cST @ 40 degree C is 66 and @ 100c is 12.7. Castrol 5w-40's is 69 and 12.8. Mobil 1 5w-40 cST @ 40 degree is 80 and 13.7 (Mobil 1 website.) Now I found this searching on...
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    5w30 or 5w40 (or 0w30) Castrol Edge Euro vs 0w40 euro edge to reduce engine oil consumption in e46

    I've owned my e46 for a little over a yr. now and have done two oil changes. First was Castrol Euro 5w-30 and did not keep in very long as I wanted to do a short interval. I don't remember the low oil pressure light blinking w/this oil. Next, Castrol 0w-40. With this oil in the sump, my oil...
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    Mazda dealer refused to change transmission fluid

    FordMan59...Thanks for your reply. I believe I'll just replace the fluid and the small filter @ 25k mi. The front of the car w/be on ramps and I'll do a drain when the engine is cold. (Sitting overnight and I'll put 5 qts of new fluid outside.) I made an improvised dipstick, so I know the...
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    Mazda dealer refused to change transmission fluid

    Sir...Could you please tell what condition was the fluid, pan and magnets @ 30K miles on your CVT transmission? The reason I ask, we own a 2017 Rogue Sport that coming up to 25k miles and I was planning on changing out the fluid and small filter. (Not planning on a pan drop until 50-60k miles.)...
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    Mazda dealer refused to change transmission fluid

    If you're not able, by all means find a shop willing to do this vital service. Just wow for this dealer! Call a few other Mazda dealers in your area and ask. You're a due for new fluid at least. (New strainer and pan/magnets cleaned would even be better.)
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    Honda HRX217K6VYA

    The thumb paddle hasn't bothered me in the 5 yrs. I've owned the HRX. Wonderful mower! Only slight disadvantage is the weight. Other than that all plus'. Mulches beautifully w/its twin blades. Easy on gas and starts easily.
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    Changed cabin filter on '16 VW Golf today.

    On my 2012 Golf, the AC is rather weak IMO. (The all black interior I'm sure doesn't help.) The charcoal activated filter really restricts air flow. Last CAF I put in was a least expensive Denso which may not filter as well, but you can sure notice how much more cold air is coming out of the vents.
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    Kumho LX Platinum KU27 All-Season Tires

    I put these tires on my 2012 Golf because the Pirelli P4 +'s were getting very, very noisy. For $57 ea. an absolute steal. Very quiet and smooth driving tire. Ride quality is excellent. Dry handling is very good. Very pleased w/the Kumho's. I will say, I don't believe they will handle lite snow...