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    Is 5 year old a problem with low miles?

    I say keep doing what you're doing. Oil doesn't go bad, and the filter will last a long time sitting in oil. There's a chemical rule of thumb that every 10 degrees rise in temperature doubles the reaction rate. Let's assume 10F instead of 10C (which it really is). If your oil filter temp is 190F...
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    Getting 300k miles out of a vehicle

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    Antifreeze Voltage Measurements

    I did a voltage measurement on my mid 80s honda crx, and got very low voltages, ranging up to 0.03 V. However, I also had some 6-8 ph strips lying around, and trying to be thorough, I checked, the pH: 6.4! This coolant was 7 years old (bad me) and looked disgusting, but the voltage measurement...