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    Toyota 2GR-FKS Spark Plug Replacement, 61K

    These are the plugs after 64,000 miles, from my 2018 Sienna. Similar to your experience, the job on the Sienna is straightforward, and doesn't involve the contortions of earlier models. The cowl does have to come off, though. There's a fellow on Siennachat who still has the original plugs in...
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    New Top Tier gas station in my area

    A couple new Amoco stations have popped up in Indiana (see article below that's a couple years old). In Eastern Pennsylvania, south of I-80, Rutter's stores have as good, if not better, coffee as Sheetz and WaWa, and Top Tier fuels...
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    Generator & refrigerator

    Another epow engineer here: As previously advised: Make sure you are solidly grounding your generator. That's basic safety not to be overlooked. Generators are notorious for putting out imperfect sine-wave power...they're "noisy" in more than one way. If your only choice of outlets are...
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    Fuel Injector Cleaner vs Fuel System Cleaner?

    I agree with all the above. Too bad there isn't a "nutrition information" chart for fuels system cleaners! Another one to consider is the Lucas "Upper Cylinder Lubricant." This may not have PEA in it, but it's cheap.
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    Anyone have a passive hot water tank?

    I've had my Vaughn Top Performer in for about 10 years now. I think it's a 35-gallon. These have a type of cement lining, interestingly. We've not run out of hot water, even in summer, when the boiler hasn't run in a couple of hours. If you have gas available, a tankless system should be...
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    Confused with Battery Issue on Laptop

    Make sure the battery is seated correctly, by removing and reinstalling it. Other than that, and possibly a bad charging circuit, it's likely the battery is shot, at its age (never trusted those Win10-based diagnostics).
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    2019 Sienna

    Are you sure of the capacity? You need 5.8 quarts (I have an '18). I'd buy a quart of each of those oils and use them sequentially.
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    Upgraded to a full size spare

    Looks nice! I'm looking at upgrading to any kind of spare for my wife's new Prius, from the compressor/tire repair kit it came with. Right, no spare tire!
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    Is there a good fuel additive for lawnmowers?

    Nobody asked what make and model of engine this is. +1 that it could be the cheap plastic diaphragm, which are more problematic on some engines than others.
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    Wiring a new garbage disposal

    +1. Might be over-thinking. How much will you be running the disposal, maybe 30 seconds per meal? I'd personally recommend a 1/2 [hp] disposal--the 1/3s are much less well built, in my experience. If you add a breaker to your panel, you might also consider adding a "surge breaker" to the...
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    Difference between Ground Beef and Ground Chuck ?

    I was a little grossed out after reading Consumer Reports last summer, and now don't buy "ground beef" anymore, just ground chuck or round: Ground beef This can come from meat and fat trimmings from multiple animals, as well as other beef components, such as esophagus, diaphragm, or cheek of...
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    Generator no start before snowstorm

    Sounds like the plug, but how's your fuel quality?
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    wiper blades?

    Toyota has taken to making trim-to-fit wiper refills. I think it's 26 inches long. Supposedly, this saves on packaging and makes inventory easier. One still must know their vehicle make/model/year, because there are several thicknesses of these inserts...
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    low voltage effect on motors

    +1 Beefier extension cord
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    Car shopping for my wifey. any suggestions?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Anthony</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Pete</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Do you really "need" three cars? </div></div> What does this...
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    Car shopping for my wifey. any suggestions?

    Do you really "need" three cars?
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    Optima DS46B24R - Prius Auxiliary Battery

    I used a Toyota-brand (Yuasa) battery as a replacement in my 2010 Prius, after five years, as preventive maintenance. $125 or so, from a local, Connecticut dealer, delivered to my doorstep. No problems, direct replacement.
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    0w20 vs 0w30?

    If it takes tht long to warm up, its prob time to change the thermostat out and see if tht helps. +1. I recommend a Toyota thermostat, and Toyota coolant.
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    A good backpack.

    Do you mean a hiking backpack, or a smaller daypack or book pack? I am happy with my Alps Mountaineering 90-liter pack. You might look at for some of their very good deals. That's where I got mine...
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    What they call this wire? Any Linemen here?

    There have been changes to transmission line designs. Perhaps the most significant change is use of composite materials, instead of steel, for the reinforcing. Not only do composites reduce weight, but thermal expansion is much less (less sag). The weight reduction allows use of different...