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    Auto-RX pictures on website misleading???

    I have a problem with the pictures shown on the site, comparing before and after. You can tell there is an added yellowish/brownish hue to the before pictures by looking at metal that isn't internal or the color of light on the black objects. Unfortunately, pictures sell more than results...
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    Question about filtration - particularly sandpaper grit

    I was checking the followers of a friends car and notice that the where the cam cover mates, there was an uneven nick. So I sanded it down a little with some sandpaper that was medium-fine. Some of that dust from the sandpaper went into the cam area, so I sprayed it off with oil afterwards, to...
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    Oil for VW owners

    sez vw. they want to simplify the vw/audi alliance, i wish i still had the link to the article which was linked on tdiclub common rail is easier to meet emissions standards with anyhow
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    TOP GEAR on Discover Channel

    Get fifth gear and top gear episodes through bit torrent (azeureus i prefer as a client). <a href="" target="_blank">final gear</a>
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    Honda transmission question

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by MolaKule: <strong> While it may work in extremely cold weather or cold climates, the GM Synchromesh fluid does not have the same hot weather viscosity as the Honda fluid, or our MTL-P which replaces the Honda fluid. Thicker viscosities mean slightly...
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    Honda transmission question

    GM Syncromesh, also sold at autozone as Pennzoil Syncromesh is said to work wonders with honda trannies.
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    Oil for VW owners

    I thought amsoil didnt care about certifications haha. I love my pre VE TDI. I can use delvac 1, or rotella synthetic. BTW, vw is going to stop using PD technology in favor of sticking with common rail. Simpler for them.
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    Does Redline kill trannies?

    Molakule said that it can handle acid buildup for 50,000 miles as it has a strong TBN. But, he recommended 30,000 miles without analysis in my heavy torque VW diesel hehe. I think that sounds reasonable, not the stupid VW OEM "lifetime fluid" claim. Though the stock fluid did look pretty...
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    MTL-R or MTL-P (or pennzoil/gm syncromesh) in VW tranny??

    Next spring? That soon? I doubt it, but yeah I will definately switch it if it starts feeling crappy. Heck, I switched out this MT90/MTL mix early cause the shifting felt notchy. This syncromesh feels like playing a video game, even tried a 4-2 shift for a hard turn on the way home today...
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    MTL-R or MTL-P (or pennzoil/gm syncromesh) in VW tranny??

    <blockquote>quote:<hr /><strong>Originally posted by MolaKule: Different transmission designs require different viscosities. For example, horsepower, gear type/cut, shaft and bearing diameters, type of bearings, etc all determine what fluid will be used. Thinness can manifest itself as a...
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    MTL-R or MTL-P (or pennzoil/gm syncromesh) in VW tranny??

    Ohh, I see, I thought they ran a 70w85, labeled as a 70w90. I will let the analysis notify me if its harmful to run through summers. I'll probably run a 15k interval instead- to be safe. I feel there is no issue at all as it runs great in crazy applications like vettes, vipers, m3's, s2000's...
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    MTL-R or MTL-P (or pennzoil/gm syncromesh) in VW tranny??

    Wow, 30k? The oem VW fluid was good until about 80k when I changed to MT-90/MTL. I know it probably sheared hard, but it shifted pretty well. I went with syncromesh as I got it a few days ago, and had a chance to use my friend's garage just today. The streets here suck for work as they...
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    MTL-R or MTL-P (or pennzoil/gm syncromesh) in VW tranny??

    Also, forgot to ask, what is a good interval on the SF MTL-R or mtl-p fluids? What about pennzoil/gm syncromesh fluid? I heard that fluid loses its effectiveness after a while. Anyhow syncromesh and mtl-r and mtl-p are known to be great in terms of shifting quality, which is what matters most...
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    MTL-R or MTL-P (or pennzoil/gm syncromesh) in VW tranny??

    Got a 2001 VW jetta TDI and the redline mt90/mtl mix in the tranny sucks. 2nd gear and 3rd are notchy, and sometimes can grind if I push too easy. The stock VW fluid is like a 70w85 , a thinner 90 you could say, but is rated 70w90. Specialty formulations mtl-p is a 70w85, and mtl-r is a...
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    WHY NO "0W" DINOS?

    The viscosity spread (viscosity index) required to do even a small 0w20 spread can't be handled by a dino oil. Dino oils aren't as uniform, thus thicken up quicker in the cold.
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    01 VW TDI - Rotella T 5w-40 - 10,200 miles

    I switched because its much cheaper, and it is actually thinner in cold weather, which is better I would think in terms of wear. I can't run super long intervals as I drive short trips in the city. I had a good analysis with just delo 400 dino, so Rotella T will be awesome.
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    Alternate to M1 0W-40, Dodge Turbo Diesel

    Rotella 5w40 synthetic owns in VW TDI diesels that are even modded to up to 180 wheel HP on a the 1.9 L diesel that holds only about 4.5 qts. The Mobil 1 Truck and SUV 5w40 is great too, its about 20 bux in 5 qt containers at some wal marts!
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    Severe settling of FP

    Red dye could be mistaken for using some offroad diesel fuel. Not that we add that much of FP to make it so visible, but maybe blue or green would be a better color so that it wouldn't be mistaken if they run a roadside color test from the tank which can pick up minute concentrations of dye.
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    HELP!! Passat 1.8T Sludgebucket

    My last car, a 1995 Honda Civic DX auto tranny started running crappy after auto-rx. Do not run it on honda autos as there is no replaceable screen! I bet it was that because when I shut down and restarted it would run fine for a bit (until it picked up the crud again?). But then honda autos...
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    LC Piston Soak

    I did the piston soak last summer on my 2001 Jetta TDI. Just turned the engine over in 5th gear to get it to push out afterwards. I was surprised that all the LC didn't soak through the rings overnight! Anyhow, just turn it over by ratchet or if manual, using a wheel off the ground. I'm...