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    BITOG March Contest Giveaway

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    best of all time

    What you guys say the best oil of all time is and why? I know there will be alot of different answers and i know every application is different. If you had to choose just one.
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    Do you balance when you rotate your tires?

    I have free balancing with my tires. So I balance every time I rotate. Tires and oil is what I deal with for work and while for some people it may not make a difference I prefer to have then balanced. the reason I do this is because as the tire wear it wears rubber off of the tire and weights...
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    no more motorcraft

    as per an email i recieved the other day from my DM walmart is not going to carry motorcraft any more. i don't know the reason why just stated that they won't sell to us anymore.
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    Who makes Super-tech: is it any good?

    i work for walmart as a service manager in the tire lube exspress and the supertech oil (at least on the east coast) was made by pensoil quaker state but is now produced by exxon mobil i.e. the new bottles.
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    any info on the new supertech oil?

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by drive it forever: <strong> Hello everyone, I work as a yard driver for wal-mart distribution in grove city, ohio and can confirm that the new, bright blue botteld supertech oil is made by mobil, because I looked at the pallets on the trailer before I...
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    2 new tires......mount on front or rear?

    newest studies have shown new tires should be mounted to the rear. the ntsb did skid pad tests and showed that being the least weight is in the rear of most vechiles the better tread in the rear helps prevent hydro planning. i have seen video shot of this and it does show results to this effect.
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    Dangers of Overfilling

    I completly understand that .75 of quart may not be that much. But thats not even the biggest point which is you asked for 6 qts and thats what it should have been. Trust me go in with your paper work from the service and tell them you want your oil drained to the proper level. they will do it...
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    Oil Catch for PCV system

    here is a link to a simple but effective homade version for about 20 bucks. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    oversize filter takes 1.5 sec to fill

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by FL-400S: <strong> I think something is different about the FL-2005 compared to the FL-400S. The Fram/ST/STP 3600 is the one specified in place of a FL-400S. I know this because my brother's 4.2L V6 F150 takes a FL-400S. It is also for most non-SHO...
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    Walmart scalping on winter supplies

    one thing i'm wondering is are they the same exact fuel cans that the your local stores have? I work for walmart and know we had a recall on all our fuel cans because of new goverment regulations. they have a new spout design. when we did get the new cans in we did have a price increase this was...
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    Super Tech

    LMAO!!!! yes i do have a good manager. she does a good job and she doesnt put up with crap either. our district manager does a good job so far we just got a new one the old dm moved up in the world. but it is the quality of the workers you are right there.
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    Super Tech

    No offense taken by me at all thats for sure. the guys that work under me know if they pull a bone head move i'll break some fingers (just kidding) but for real there is good and bad service in this world no matter where you go.
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    Super Tech

    I am currently a service manager at a Walmart TLE and while in some cases it is true that you due get some "real winners" not all of the TLE's are this way. My crew in the shop are all an exellent group of guys and know there job and how to do it well. Not all of the places are a bunch of...
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    filter for strat

    well first of all great site and just the info i've been looking for. Now i know the a ph16 and ph8 (fram numbers or the equivlent) commonly my strat with the 2.7 takes a ph16 with mobil1 5/30 with either a mobil1 or k&n filter and drain every 5000mi. I am interested in switching to a ph8 for...