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    Fram titanium causing tap/knock on cold starts

    I'm thinking it's the by pass valve not opening fast enough to let oil in. It could be by design and not the fault of the filter. I have a 2003 Honda and had a similar issue with Bosh filter 3323 during cold start or if the car has been setting for awhile, would make this noise on start. I...
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    93 Toyota 4runner, 5w30 vs 10w30

    My last oil change, I used Toyota OEM filter and Penzoil high milege oil. I notice the oil was really clear when I poured it in.
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    Rock Auto shipping charges....

    I tried to buy oil, air, cabin filters and oil drain plug washer/gasket for my 2003 Honda CRV. The prices for the items seem to be really cheap until I got the shipping charges. The items are stored at 3 different warehouses and I would have to pay 3 shipping fees. This is crazy. I don't...
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    93 Toyota 4runner, 5w30 vs 10w30

    Good evening, My 93 4Runner has 110,00 miles on it, this is my backup car, I don't drive it much. I live in California, it doesn't get cold. I've been using 10w30 oil in this SUV. I'm going to switch to Valvoline Max Life oil (red jug). I plan to purchase 10w30 oil on Amazon but it's $...
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    Ford Synthetic Blend 5-20 oil for Hondas

    Thank you for all the replies, I'll try the Valvoline Maxlife on my next oil change.
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    Ford Synthetic Blend 5-20 oil for Hondas

    Good morning, I have a 2003 Honda CRV with 146,000 miles. I do my oil changes Ford Synthetic blend oil with Honda filters. The Ford oil is really clear when I pour it out of the jug. I've been think about switching to the Costco full synthetic oil or maybe Valvoline full synthetic high...
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    Bosch Premium Oil Filter 3323 for Honda

    Good morning, I have 2003 Honda CRV, been doing my oil changes with Honda A-01 (filtech) filters until they discontinued them. I tried Bosch 3323 filters and the engine make noises at start up in the mornings or when the car has been sitting for awhile. The noise appears only for a second...