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    Any value in a used not good OEM water pump?

    My ebay idea was if anyone rebuilds these things. I don't like throwing stuff away if it can be reused or repurposed.
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    Any value in a used not good OEM water pump?

    I recently replaced an original AcDelco waterpump on my 08 Trailblazer because of bearing noise. Is there any Ebay value in it before I throw it away?
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    What is a good VPN to use on mobile?

    I use PIA and it works great on my Android.
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    Help with generator not starting easily

    Could be the aftermarket carb you put on it. Over the years I messed around with some success and some failures replacing carbs on OPE with cheaper chinese aftermarkets. Sometimes they run good, sometimes not. I have a Honda Rancher I replaced a carb on with two cheaper chinese aftermarkets...
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    Ready For The Ants

    Another vote for Terro bait traps. They have served me well the past couple of years.
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    Drywall mudding and taping estimates

    That is about what I was hoping for and expecting. If the estimate was going to be much more than 1K, I'm just going to do it myself.
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    Drywall mudding and taping estimates

    I'm just finishing hanging drywall in basement and weighing doing the finishing myself versus contracting it out. I'm willing to learn, struggle, and fix and that is what I've been doing the whole time while finishing my basement. With that said, I know that a drywall finisher will do a lot...
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    walmart = zero bicycles

    Same here as well, almost....I think my wife said they had three left a couple of days ago
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    Fatal explosion when replacing fuel pump

    Last year i manually siphoned 20 gallons of stale gas from a boat. What a pain in the [censored] and thought to myself how much easier it would be if i connected an electric pump. I saw this article this morning. <a...
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    KYB Strut Plus

    I installed KYB Strut Plus on my Trailblazer last year and they now have 5,000 miles. Ride seems close to factory and I am happy with them thus far.
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    Best Protein Drink Mix ?

    Check out myprotein. Best bang for your buck. Don't worry much about cholesterol content as dietary cholesterol is a small contributor to blood cholesterol.
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    Boiler/baseboard valve corrosion

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by Donald</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Is the valve sweat soldered in or threaded.? I cannot tell. The valve to the left of the leaking one also looks corroded. If threaded remove the valve, wire brush, use Teflon...
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    Boiler/baseboard valve corrosion

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by Oily_Thing</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Slight leak. Water evaporates, leaving mineral deposits. Repair the joint to fix the leak. </div></div> I appreciate the suggestion. I may clean off the corrosion and see if...
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    Boiler/baseboard valve corrosion

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by supton</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Condensation from high humidity levels in summer? Do you run a dehumidifier in the basement in the summer months?</div></div> For the past few years I have run a dehumidifier in...
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    Boiler/baseboard valve corrosion

    I have two zones boardboard heating with a propane boiler. I noticed today, heavy corrosion on one of the two drain valves. My first photo shows two circles. The top circle is where the corrosion is and the bottom circle is where the corrosion is dripping down onto. The top circle area is...
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    New Laptop Purchase

    I bought this for my wife...
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    Plumbing drain question

    Appreciate all the feedback, and the diagram was awesome!
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    Plumbing drain question

    I'm working on shortly removing my kitchen countertops for replacement. I will be disconnecting the plumbing myself but having a plumber come in for the reconnects when the new countertops are in. I noticed on our island vegetable sink drain, the p-trap appears to connect to two downward pvc...
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    Septic Tank pumping question

    To closeout my post, I had my tank pumped this morning. $300 total, $150 for pumping, $150 for dumping. My house is going on five years old. The tank did have a filter on the outlet that was messy but not clogged. The septic guy said I should clean the filter twice per year but it looked...
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    Septic Tank pumping question

    $300 is what I'll be paying in Maine for my 1,000 gallon tank