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    Mobil1 0W-40, 5000mi, Nissan Frontier VQ40

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by TooSlick: <strong> Did you happen to spend a week at the beach recently? You can get this much sodium just from salt spray and dried salt on the roads.... TS </strong><hr /></blockquote>Interesting, but no I haven't been to the beach recently...
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    Mobil1 0W-40, 5000mi, Nissan Frontier VQ40

    From Blackstone: 1-Engine@3000mi, 3000mi on Factory Fill, Nissan Filter 2-Engine@6000mi, 3000mi on M1 5W-30, Nissan Filter (Didn't sample at 9000mi) 3-Engine@14000mi, 5000mi on M1 0W-40, WIX Filter Aluminum/7/6/4 Chromium/0/1/1 Iron/16/14/12 Copper/140/54/29 Lead/6/2/2 Tin/3/3/1 Moly/3/69/71...
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    Factory fill & M1 5W30, Nissan VQ40, 3K & 6K mi UOA's

    Currently, I have about 7000 miles on the vehicle. Not sure if I'll do another UOA on the next oil change or wait 'til the one after that.
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    Factory fill & M1 5W30, Nissan VQ40, 3K & 6K mi UOA's

    The 3000 mi sample is the factory fill, the 6000 mi is M1 5W30. Element/3000mi/6000mi Aluminum/7/6 Chromium/0/1 Iron/16/14 Copper/140/54 Lead/6/2 Tin/3/3 Moly/3/69 Nickel/1/1 Manganese/5/2 Silver/0/0 Titanium/0/0 Potassium/7/2 Boron/3/44 Silicon/134/37 Sodium/6/5 Calcium/2073/2383...
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    First UOA's on my Nissan VQ...

    I received my first UOA's from Blackstone Labs today. I sent them the first two samples from my 2005 Nissan VQ40, the factory fill with about 3k on it and my first change to M1 with about 3k on it. Very interesting indeed. Wear metals were typical on the factory fill sample and dropped nicely...
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    Those Who Change Their Own Oil - check in

    Hadn't changed my own oil since the early 90's when I owned a 16V GTI but I recently rediscovered the joy of DIY oil changes with the purchase of my '05 Nissan Frontier. A pair of Rhino Ramps makes it super-easy to get at the filter and drain plug on that sweet VQ40DE.
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    I just ordered mine today. The YM4 discount code still works for a 10% discount. I'll be installing it on my 2005 Nissan Frontier. Can't wait! Thanks for the tip.
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    What filter are you using

    1. 2005 Nissan Frontier 2. VQ40 3. Nissan OEM 9E000 4. Mobil 1 5W30 5. 3,000 mi OCI