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    One piece giga casting?

    in before the lock
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    DIY upholstery repair

    nice work. where did you get the replacement cover ?
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    New Koken Spark plug kit...SWEET

    where to buy that ?
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    Dorman Quality - Why This Huge Gap Between Claimed Quality and Actual Quality?

    never had any issues as all been buying their stuff for years from interior parts to oil coolers. i hear lots of complaints but have yet to see a issue
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    Vehicles they no longer make that I miss (and would possibly buy) if still made

    1978 Lincoln town car with a 460 dual exhaust bill blass edition
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    How do you get up in the morning?

    at 6 am , generally open my eyes , get up immediately and get moving. i like to get the pain of stiff joints and body over with right away
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    Best Hotdogs

    Canadian here , co-op gold weiners
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    If a junkyard car or truck could talk, what would it say?

    can you please save me , i dont want to die
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    Toyota's Hydrogen Engine Instead of EVs

    and so is the list of gasoline and other explosions. i still fail to see the issue.
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    Toyota's Hydrogen Engine Instead of EVs

    transport is a non-issue as all sorts of pressurized highly flammable gas moves across the country everyday. when is the last time a propane truck blew up or any other industrial gas incident. no different then how propane cars were so "dangerous"
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    Have to love the Fram company

    and the issue is ??? aint rocket science , rats i forgot my popcorn
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    Have you ever regularly used public transportation?

    used to all the time when i lived in downtown vancouver , didnt mind it much in the downtown core but trying to leave the general service area was a major and somewhat unsafe inconvenience.
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    Where the world stands in terms of meeting green-energy material demands

    as someone who is in that age range , i wish there was that kind of work available in my region. moving provinces and or countries just isn't feasible for many. not to mention that it is increadibly hard to gain such employment without the applicable schooling and or knowing someone on the...
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    Simple Math

    oh the irony.
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    Shipping containers piling up at Chinese ports

    in before the lock.
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    Wouldn't it be nice if bolts had the socket size on them?

    years of practice and brand familiarity come into play here. can fix BMW , Mercedes , vw ect in my sleep give me a chevy and im back and fourth several times for the correct size of tool
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    "No Smoke Oil"

    they used to sell that a our local mohawk gas station when i was younger. i always saw at least 1 or 2 people in line buying a liter to top up with. scary part is im not that old and i can already say back in the day people used to check oil when they got gas !
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    Dealership screwed up oil change

    lesson be learned to double check your oil level before you leave but far as damage thats a overreaction to the situation