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    Amsoil replacement for K&N cone air filters

    Any updates or results on the new EaAU filters?
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    GC 0w30 or M1 0w40 in an LS2?

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by dkryan: <strong> Grave: I know nothing of LS1s, 2s, or 6s, but I do know that if you are actually driving just 1-2k miles per year (did I read that correctly?), I'd use a high quality filter, M-1 or GC, and change it once per year. </strong><hr...
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    GC 0w30 or M1 0w40 in an LS2?

    I just purchased a used 2005 GTO about a month ago. Car currently has 6,3xx miles on the odo. The prior owner used to use M1 0w40. The GTO isn't a daily driver... I might drive it once or twice a week, maybe 1-2k miles a year if that. At any rate, my oil changing schedule would call for...