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    Jury Duty

    did it twice, never selected for sitting jury. Huge waste of time. I toss them, got one as covid was happening. Laughed it off. Just about everything should be arbitrated these days, barring that, juries should be random drawn, no drops, no questions. You take the 14 & present the case. And...
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    '23 KIA Soul GT . Holy !!!

    last two times I was at a new dealers, it was to drive an uninspiring six cylinder Mustang & I do remember crawling into the trunk of an Echo to show my sister how roomy it was. Ended up she bought a well-used Honda Civic ex. Come to think of it, it may have had previous flood damage, fixed it...
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    What do these sparks plugs say?

    Let's just say they're whispering that the breather /PCV system needs a look see. : )
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    Magnetic spark plug socket

    POWERBUILT magnetic, 13/16" works great, 10 years+. Got it so I never drop another one inside the cooling tin of an old VW bus air cooled engine. No fun fishing them out or finding old ones lurking in there at rebuild time.....
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    Scammers on youtube now?

    my faves are the bitcorn boosterz, Missus Sally Clay Finegold knows how to invest safely in btc, lol. right.
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    A pizza topping that divides the world

    If you've eaten the BBQ chicken pizza you have NO RIGHT to attack canadian bacon n' pineapple. NO RIGHT! it's all guud.
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    Toys you had as a kid and that you kept

    my LEGO universal builder sets. around here somewhere. classic stuff.
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    Would you rather see Wind Turbines or solar farms?

    well, how about we operate vehicles the right weight class for the task? for a start.
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    Higher mileage vehicles. How high is too high when buying? Suggestions?

    Yep. Suzuki. They built the three cylinder Sprint engines. Also another bullet proof econobucket. Plus all those bike engines, also bullet-proof. The others? Well at 300k you get exhaust rust through, rusted through suspension coil seats, sagged coil springs, CV joints spent. Sounds...
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    I want to see new performance metric - Auto Stop/Start

    That study doesn't include the extra emissions running the busted vehicle to repair site via flatbed. Once the starter is gone, it's dragged in. : ) nice try.
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    Is 'Econ(omy)' Really the Right Term...

    can't be a boat, the gauge would be calibrated in spg. (smilespergallon) 1.1 would still be about right. : )
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    I want to see new performance metric - Auto Stop/Start

    If you can't afford the idle time at lights, you can't afford the vehicle. The true cost of stop/start will be the starters shot at 54k. Which means the six quarts of fuel saved get gobbled up by the $445. starter change, 'I drink your milkshake!' - That Oil Guy from 'There Will...
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    Any guess on how old this bar& chain oil is ? (Pics)

    Sears used those graphics on stuff early 1990s. So my guess is '92-'96. My roundabout way of going to 1994.
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    Bad brakes; Is this real?

    Looks 100%. Customer decided against the 'semi-metallic' option. Actually upon further inspection they are still 'semi-metallic/semi-metallic'. This will get confusing to write up.............
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    Possible FRAUD while getting inspection

    I imagine brake pads are one item not included under a warranty. So that's where they go to generate customer billable labor on a covered car. They attack pads worth all of $3.75/each to generate $268. in labor. Rob Burgundy Voice: 'Stay Classy PA.!' : )
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    What are you listening to right now?

    watching & listening. World War Z. Actually better than I remember.
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    '97 Honda EX 2 dr - Timing Belt, Water Pump

    People say it's the factory thread locker that makes that crank bolt removal a '10' in difficulty. So I'd try some heat, propane, MAPP gas, etc. Even Red Loctite requires heat for ease of removal.
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    '97 Honda EX 2 dr - Timing Belt, Water Pump

    did a '93 sohc d16z6 wayy back. The belt & coolant pump is a 90k(miles) interval job. The coolant drains decently enough from the lower radiator hose. Just drain enough, not all. The pump hole is pretty high in the block. And there's Honda's air bleed fitting on the thermostat side of the...
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    Mystery coolant leak, or not? 2010 Jetta

    modern radiators are usually plastic end caps crimped to metal tubes. They corrode at the crimp points. There may have (already) been some stop leak in there too & you distributed it by driving & heat cycling .
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    EV Charge Stations.

    This sound like about as much fun as stopping at a gas station, fueling up for hours, & driving away unaware of how much the fuel did cost.