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    any reason not to use a 10w in the south with hot temperatures year round?

    If your owner’s manual gives a range of viscosities that includes a10w oil, then no problem. In Australia some manufactures give a choice depending on ambient temps
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    Oil handling procedures - Do you practice them?

    Perhaps a visit from the FAA is needed.
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    Oil Leaking from Drain Plug

    Suggest people Google these two companies and download their pdf. Corteco and Kelpro. There you will find full information on sump plugs and crush washers, including material type and dimensions for all vehicles. Provided the sump plug threads are not damaged and the correct crush washer is...
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    Do you replace the crush washers when replacing transmission fluid?

    This is the ultimate no brainer. Always replace the crush washer when you do an engine oil or atf change. You have just spent time and money on new fluid/oil so why would you risk a leak? If you reuse the old crush washer and apply the same torque to the old washer as the new crush washer you...
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    Let’s change the “thick vs. thin” up a little: Mercon LV vs ULV!

    Would it be possible for someone to explain how a multivehicle atf can satisfy the requirements of the nine specifications of atf called up by Hyundai. Example: is Dexron SP-II the same as SP-IV-RR. Perhaps all the specifications are backward compatible and if that is the case why does Hyundai...
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    Battle of silicone greases for caliper slide pins

    In my experience I use the lubricants the brake manufactures use, and, in my case, I use this. Bendix -Brake Parts Lubricant Specially engineered and formulated ceramic brake parts lubricant has become an essential part of brake servicing, avoiding wear on several mechanisms which scientists...
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    Down side of partial oil changes?

    I understand that you do not like getting under your vehicle. If you intend keeping your vehicle, I would supply your own oil and filter and have some one change the oil and filter once a year. I am not a fan of partial oil changes and would never leave an old oil filter on with a partial oil...
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    Do you grease your car hinges?

    If one lives in a dusty area grease and oil will attract sand,grit and dust resulting in an abrasive compound between the two surfaces and over time create wear. If oil is used gravity will allow the oil to grain out of the hinges. It is much better to use a dry lube. Wd40 is a great product but...
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    Do you grease your car hinges?

    The manufacture may us a dry Teflon spray to prevent dust and stains due to dirt being attracted to grease and oil. When my car was serviced under warranty the dealer used Teflon spray.
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    JLR 2.0 Ingenium engine oil grade

    I cannot see any issues in using a 5w30 ACEA C3 in this engine.I have used Castrol Edge 5w30 LL in engines that call up a C2 or C3 with zero issues.
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    Dexos Gen 2 THAT much different than SP?

    Check this out. OEM BULLETIN PSA The Union of the European Lubricant Industry (UEIL) is the umbrella association of the European Lubricants Industry, representing their members and, in particular, the interests of SMEs and independent lubricant companies. To date, the UEIL represents more than...
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    Need a Substitute for Castrol 5w-30LL

    Use any API,ACEA,ILSAC or JASO that meet C3 specifications and purchase the cheapest on special
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    2022 Crosstrek Drain Plug Crush Washer Replacement

    If I spend the money on the correct specification oil and use the OEM or well-known oil filter, I will always fit a new sump plug washer. If one skimps on a washer during maintenance what else does one fail to do, a slippery slope indeed.
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    What oil is best for the Prince-Engine?

    I use ACEA C3 5W30 either Mobil or Castrol and change oil and filter at the recommended intervals.
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    Total Quartz at my local AAP (pics)

    You can easily down the production data sheets from many of the oil companies that sell the specification of the oil you require and then choose your favourite brand. In my opinion any brand that meets the international specifications of the total oil would be very much the same. I have...
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    2022 Hyundai Palisade 5w30 Oil

    Your manual states that ACEA A3 may be used. In my Hyundai I use ACEA A3/4 Full synthetic. The brand you use is up to you and what makes feel you warm and fuzzy. Hyundai informed me in an email that they have no preference on mineral oil, semi synthetic or full synthetic if the oil meets the...
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    Total Quartz at my local AAP (pics)

    Total oil is a very large company and is the oil heavily promoted for Peugeot and Citroen cars. In Australia it can generally only be purchased from Peugeot/ Citroen dealers that are few and far between and at a very high price. I use Mobil 1 ESP formula 5w30, this oil has the approvals for...
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    Wish Repair Shops Would Listen Better

    That is a very broad brush you have used to insult mechanics, perhaps you are one of those people that have never served a recognised electrical/ mechanical apprenticeship and therefore would not know what a qualified tradesperson would have been taught in relation to oils/fluids.
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    Kia changed oil viscosity recommendations

    You appear to have modified your vehicle and in doing so may have altered the oil requirements. Vehicle manufacturers oil specifications and service bulletins for non-modified vehicles should not be ignored, however in your case I would tend to use a C3 5W30. Bear in mind vehicle manufacturers...