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    Does anyone make a clear plastic rollup partition to hang behind the front seats to enhance A/C output?

    I sure thought about it when i had a cargo van, perhaps a shower curtain type setup. It had decent AC but having to cool that giant area from just the front was an uphill battle. Crazy van prices had me selling it for a Yukon xl that has rear AC and generally more powerful AC all around.
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    Most comfortable seats youve had? Best steering wheel?

    my 05 escalade seats and steering wheel are very comfortable. I havent even installed the new foam and leather for the bottom yet and its still really comfy. You can do heating on back alone or back/bottom. Lumbar adjust is nice. Partial wood and leather wheel i dig it. My work hauler 06...
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    Honda dealers are just as bad as

    Honestly i think the lenders are nuts. We really need to see something like 10-20% down payment required to have a healthy car market. Keeps the dealers in check and keeps those who really cant afford it out of trouble. I would also like to see states give people sales tax credit for...
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    New 2023 Chevy Colorado

    Two years is fine, i don’t need a new truck, just a want. Two years of people beating the heck out of the new ZR2s will uncover a lot of issues that can get updated on my 2025ish model.
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    New 2023 Chevy Colorado

    It’s a “midsize”, 4 cylinder. Its like a fat person ordering diet coke with their supersized fast food meal to cut back a little! Honestly this colorado is going to be so big that I and possibly other consumers will just be better off going full size. It sure does look cool though...
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    New 2023 Chevy Colorado

    I really like the new styling. The ZR2 colorado (and silverado) are on my want list. You know if they can make plenty, discount them, not put customers over the barrel at the dealers. I’m going to guess the colorado ZR2 will push 50k easily.
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    2005 Tahoe with 290k rebuild/rehab thread

    Good ol GMT800 can be as nice as you want and will get you there.
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    Car buying strategy

    Just wait patiently. Buying too high (soon) will put one even further under water in depreciation when the price cuts resume. Just wait till i post that i have bought a new car just for me to drive around. That is when you know things got cheap again. Until then, i will bask in the luxury...
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    Will the high vehicle prices trickle down to my 500,000 mile Sequoia too?

    1 in 100 or 1 in 500 in the buyer pool for that many miles. It is not only the miles but the fuel economy and age compounding into it selling for a lot being unlikely. But not impossible; and you dont have to sell a hundred of these, just one. I am that guy who understands high milage for...
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    Picked up another Foxbody Mustang

    Wow that thing is nuts! Imagine it being like 1992 and that fox body being worth very little and predicting this happening to it someday.
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    Rental Review 2022 Chevy Camaro 2.0 Turbo

    No way i would put up with the entry/egress and visibility of a camaro without the 6.2/6MT combo.
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    Will the high vehicle prices trickle down to my 500,000 mile Sequoia too?

    I will explain it again. A buyer wants a Sequoia. They try to decide how new they want to pay for. The new model looks great but it jumped about 20% in MSRP and faces availability problems. A few years old is selling very strong values because of the increased price of the new model. The...
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    Will the high vehicle prices trickle down to my 500,000 mile Sequoia too?

    Sure it does. The price to buy the same trim level brand new is now like 10-12k higher. The price looks better by comparison. That same thing new is now a lot more expensive than a 2021 model. Hypothetically speaking if they doubled the price of new vehicles tomorrow the used market would...
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    Will the high vehicle prices trickle down to my 500,000 mile Sequoia too?

    Toyota is helping you out with the huge price hike on the new Sequoia. Good luck with the sale. Somebody will take it eventually.
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    Size of interiors of VW Golf and VW Jetta, 2019-2021

    Mk7 golf is fairly small but offers a lot of room for its size. They are a bit low to get in and out of meaning an SUV just has it beat for easy in out. If you want to be driving small, nimble, and fun its worth looking at. Rear seat room, specifically for fitting large car seats or trying...
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    Fujitsu vs. Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split

    Well that doesnt matter too much unless they are making a lot on the central. Yes their vehicles will already be there but nothing else will cross over. Bids i got were beyond crazy, like $3-5k labor alone! I deep dived, bought tools, spent tons of time, and did it myself. I would have loved...
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    Steakhouse Boss Becomes Chef, Cooks 200 Steaks a Day

    Doesnt matter what they sell or at what price point. My $1.99 burger afforded at best .50 of labor. Its a loss leader to drive traffic. Having a big fat margin on a Chipotle burrito is great if people keep buying. As times get tougher, and they will for most, that $16 burrito with double...
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    Steakhouse Boss Becomes Chef, Cooks 200 Steaks a Day

    Also, a high min wage just serves to delete jobs that don’t make sense beyond a certain amount. In my personal business i would create additional jobs for people if such minimums did not exist. For example $6 an hour, 2 hours a day, easy light cleaning or organizing work. Perfect for a kids...
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    Steakhouse Boss Becomes Chef, Cooks 200 Steaks a Day

    To those who suggest a restaurant simply pay more: Do you how the cost of labor, food, and other expenses work? Its percentage of sales based. $10 an hour guy has to sell $40 of food. $20 an hour guy has to sell $80 of food. Everyone at the restaurant has to generate a multiple of the...
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    Fujitsu vs. Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split

    3k for minisplit of a top name brand installed is amazing. I did my own once, and it was a serious project! That bid is generous.