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    United and Eve Air announce electric air taxi service for San Francisco area expected to start in 2026

    What makes this "Osprey light" feasible? Realistically, is this being done so the rich can avoid sitting in traffic from SFO to DTSF? This is kind of not novel. Helicopter taxis aren't new so I don't see this being awesome inspiring, unless you're Greta Thundberg. More people will air taxi if...
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    If HPL was NOT a sponsor here then how would it truly compare to other boutique oils like redline and Amsoil? What makes HPL different and special?

    I have HPL products but I have yet to see any teardown results that say, the engine went to poo in 200k using Kirkland oil but would have gone to 350k on HPL. M1 has done well-publicized teardowns and said the parts were still within spec. Is there anything like that with HPL?
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    Olive Oil Questions

    It has to say, "Product of CA". That means it's grown, processed and bottled in CA. It could be Italy or some other country but it has to say "Product of" Don't be delighted with seeing "Imported from Italy" or any other country. It's an inferior label compared to "Product of". Imported...
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    What's everyone's favorite hot sauce?

    Tapatio, Cholula and Tabasco are pedestrian and what the unwashed masses have. Eventually, evolution will have them slithering out of the water and onto land. Valentina, Texas Pete, Trappey's and Red Rooster/Louisiana FTW.
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    United 767-300 Has Fuselage Buckled by Hard Landing at IAH July 29, 2023

    I believe it's the oldest 767 in the UA fleet. If it's assessed that it can't be fixed with Flex Seal, it'll be written off, meat picked off the bones and then scrapped.
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    Fumoto Valve-long term endurance

    I've had them on vehicles for many years. They still work, problem free, after all this time. It's a solid product. Taking too long to drain? Bug or feature? It's a feature where I can lay under the car and not have to go back into the house right away where the wife will find something to...
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    Nexzett Kristall Klar in larger container

    I buy a gallon of distilled water and the small bottle of mix. It lasts a long time although when I put a dab of the concentrate behind my ears and on my wrists, it doesn't last as long.
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    Oil recommendations for Subaru 2.4T

    Your observations and experiences would be an invaluable first hand account of why one viscosity is preferred over something else. If you say water is wet people here will always disagree. It's the way of BITOG and then starting calling anyone who disagrees uniformed and ignorant. They can...
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    Oil recommendations for Subaru 2.4T

    Idemitsu is produced under license from Shell so why not just buy a Shell product to begin with? Idemitsu is expensive for what you get relative to what's readily available.
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    how much oil do you keep on hand?

    One and a half years worth, filters too. The amount of oil you have on hand means squat because of multiple factors such as vehicle capacity and frequency of changes, among others. 18 months is severe use for me but I could easily stretch that to 24.
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    Why isn't High Performance Lubricants advertised as a long OCI oil?

    These threads always devolve into pages of worthless vowels and consonants and should be viewed like you're watching porn - Read the first two pages, skip everything in the middle and read the last two pages.
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    Why isn't High Performance Lubricants advertised as a long OCI oil?

    Just a chime in to say you're all acting like the Kardashians of the oil world. And for the vast majority, no one cares about your oil drama, regardless of which side you're on. And the Daytime Emmy goes to ... All of you.
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    Best Hotdogs

    You weren't hugged as a child, were you?
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    Are these Roaches?

    German for sure.
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    Douglas aircraft at the Long Beach, CA plant

    Boeing production at Long Beach stopped a few years ago when the last C17 departed for Qatar. The tooling was destroyed and the buildings and land have been either sold or are being sold. Lots of hangars there to dispose of. The airport still has a Gulfstream facility but Boeing's time in...
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    Latest Fram Ultra Synthetic oil filter as of 2023 January - Is it still a good choice?

    But you more than make up for it with milk in bags and baby harp seal gloves.
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    Lucus red n tacky or Mobil 1?

    The Lucas Extreme Gun Oil is a very good product. Holds up well in heat and extended shooting sessions. Doesn't readily dry out. That's their only product I use.
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    Nearly 50% of men who have never flown or landed an airplane think they could safely land a passenger airplane

    If Ted Striker can do it with the assistance of Elaine and Otto, I surely can too.
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    Which Rain-X ?

    That stuff is icky. Seriously. It's silicone water. Aquapel for the win. It's a polymer-like product that bonds to the glass. Last 4-6 months. I've used Rain X for 30 years before switching. Rain X is for the unwashed masses