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    Mobil 1 0W40 rollback $26.97 5qt WM

    Not sure if this is regional. Enjoy! Link
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    Synthetic Mercon V ?

    Amsoil has a stout package for mitsubishi. But, I used Ford OEM for my F150.
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    Russia is getting HAMMERED

    I pray that diplomacy prevails in the end!
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    Russia is getting HAMMERED

    Enough $$$ has been thrown to the host country. History repeating itself. WW2
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    Oil Recommendation all aluminum LS1

    Renewable Lubricants Inc had 5W40 around 15Cst. However; formulas change. I would go direct with HPL and RLI.
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    1 Million Mile HiHy not Hurricane-proof

    I would love to know the maintenance schedule/history!
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    How many here race their vehicles?

    Never officially like OP!
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    Vintage is relative! I'm afraid I must be vintage to OP.
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    Fram Endurance - synthetic and wire backed

    Is this Microglass media? Does this media have depth filtration? Ty
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    Champ XL vs. "new" Fram Ultra?

    amazon has certain ones, but they are $$$
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    Fram Endurance - synthetic and wire backed

    Walmart's website shows FE for my applications. But, Fram's doesn't.....SMH? FE2 and FE9688. Both popular filters..First Brand Group is...
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    ATF: Amsoil Signature vs Toyota WS vs Idemitsu

    Montero 6G74. V4AW3 tranny. Only used Diaqueen SP3 or Amsoil. Currently Amsoil.
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    ATF: Amsoil Signature vs Toyota WS vs Idemitsu

    I've been using Amsoil ATF on/off 20 years in my Mitsu requiring SP3. Highly recommend. Idemitsu is great too. Although; OEM is always safe bet.
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    Another Fram TG3614 CUT OPEN

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    Squatting on the squatter: Man shares his story of reclaiming his mom's Northern California home

    So, if I'm on vacation and someone break into my home and resides in it. Law Enforcement states that I must evict them through the court system. Lol!
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    Great Walmart Visit

    Kudos to Zee09! Salute....We need more people like you.
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    David Koresh - Waco on Netflix

    I had a class on this operation. The details are too graphic, concerning children and grooming. On a side note: After Waco, LE used goggles due to ricocheting projectiles among other tactics. I've haven't watches any documentaries, just the LE class.
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    David Koresh - Waco on Netflix

    Paradigm shift in LE.