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    Mil spec H5606?

    H5606 is mineral oil based. H83232 is PAO based. PEs don't have a number.
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    Now Hear This !!

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    golf balls (joke)

    The blonde must of been riding the bus because her car was running badly so she brought into her mechanic. He promised to look at it that day and told her to come back later. When she returned, the mechanic was working on her car. She asked "What's wrong with my car and what do I do to keep...
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    This doesn't make any sense

    I believe that you're looking at two different phenomena. First, wear at cold starts is likely to be due to poor flow. Wear during low temperature operation, that is the oil never reaching a suitable operating temperature, may be due to the fact that the additives never reach their optimum...
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    Can we interpolate to get vis@70C?

    According to my vis calc program this oil is 29.9 cst @ 70C.
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    Help Finding 274#2 and a question for Bob.

    What is the tac? The difference between an NLGI 1 and 2 is the proportion of soap or thickener to oil. An NLGI 2 is a heavier grease so it has less oil and more thickener. An NLGI 1 is softer than a 2 so it has more oil and less thickener. This holds true through the entire NLGI range...
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    Oil Rheology - I - Deposit Formation

    Regardless, rheology is the study of flow and deformation of matter and not of oxidation. Oxidative debris and other contaminants such as water have significant impact on an oil's rheological properties and this impact can be studied. However, basic rheological studies on an oil do not include...
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    Oil Rheology - I - Deposit Formation

    Rheology is a study of flow characteristics, not oxidation or deposit formation.
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    My experience with LC/FP

    What is MMT?
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    Engine hood won't open-Help Please

    Solution: Put 2 big blocks of ice under a tree with a heavy limb directly overhead. Throw a heavy rope, with a hook on one end over the limb. Using ramps, drive the front tires onto the big blocks of ice and latch the hook under the front edge of your hood. Take up the slack and tie the...