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    Tire pressure different on tire vs car

    I have lowered to 35psi. Gonna keep eye on wear. I only ran car coupla wks at 45. It is not a daily driver (candy apple red convertible). Thanks for the quick info. Dan
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    Tire pressure different on tire vs car

    Recently replaced tires on 08 Mustang with the recommended tire size. Decal inside door states 35psi, tire states 51 psi. Im clueless. When I checked pressure tire dealer had filled 35, I increased to 45 (just could not bring myself to do over 50psi )
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    How is used oil used?

    Im sure a portion is reclaimed and recycled as New Gen. etc. Ive heard its is strained filtered and sold to ocean going vessels to blend with fuel. Inquiring minds
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    elderly couples

    2 couples did everything together, golf tennis movies dine out etc. Within a month 1 husband and 1 wife dies suddenly. After a mourning period the remaining pair decided to rekindle their friendship. Before long they were dating and engaged The lady calls a meeting and tell the guy her plan...
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    mindin my own business

    a traveling man got about 25 mi. from home, realized he left his shave kit. Returned to 3 story apt and heard suspisous noises, found wife w/ a man. He became enraged and slapper her so hard broke her neck, when he realized what he had cone he was enraged now at himself. Goes into kitchen, spies...
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    aftermarket cruise control

    need for 96 chev c1500 305 enf. wipers quit and i hope i can buy a aftermarket cc for about same money as wiper only at dealer. I have delay wipers. any idears. Dan
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    Air compressor oil

    i use major brand 30 non det SB
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    cruise control (aftermarket)

    I have 94 c1500 silverado 5.0 with a faulty wiper switch (handle) Would like cc w/ delay. any reccomendations? Dan
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    i just bought 4 bridgestone duelers mted and bal on mag wheels for 1000$ the tires alone cost (mounted and bal on my old wheels) 800$ locally. they called to confirm order ,called when shipped and called to confirm delivery! A FIRST CLASS OPERATION. i paid with paypals bill me later got 6 mon...
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    rules to live life by

    1. forgive your enemies (but, always remember his name) 2. Money dose"t buy happiness but, its easier to be cold and hungry in a caddie than a escort. 3. help a man when he is in trouble and he will remember you when he is in trouble again 4. trying to reform a presidential candidate supporter...
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    Opinions on Wolf's Head oil

    there is entirely too much [censored] about oils on this site ,for instance "i dont like WH cause i dont knpw anything about it" a well thought statement if ever there was one. I dont know anything about the back side of moon either but i like it:)
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    Opinions on Wolf's Head oil

    i purchased 7 12/1qy cases 10w40 diesel approved sn-cf for 64.20/case less 70%. 19.26$ cs. local salvage co. fits mt 90's kubota L2350
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    wolfs Head 10w40

    local salvage has several cases 12/1qt sm/ci for 2.11$ qt. soon going to 1.59$ qt Falls into Kubota reccommended. Im stocking up! Dan
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    94 Siverado 5.0

    Just purchased this truck to use on hobby farm and daily driver. Runs stops starts ok. Rad is completely filled with very rusty water. I installed a bottle Prestone rad flush, ran coupla days. Flushed, water lightened to weak tea color. Added another Prestone rrad flush ran coupla more days...
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    MIL spec info... MIL-L-210E/F

    Be very careful buying oil using mil specs, I worked in oil sales for about 10 yrs. Ive seen fleets of city and state vechiles parked with blown engines due to purchasing oil spec to meet mil specs. Remember a mil spec is for wartime use. Just to get a truck from supply depot to front line with...
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    Dewalt Pressure Washer Pump Oil (General Pump)

    Probably, Shell nd 30 meets SB. So it has anti-foam, anti-wear adds. I use it in air compressor for 5 yrs now. My pressure washer is sealed.
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    cable tv receiver dvr

    Is there any aftermarket companies that sell these ?
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    Best line from Craigslist or Ebay

    My absolute favorite question is "what is your rock bottom low dollar on this......When they havent seen it yet. My favorite response "I dont know, what is the most you will pay"? Like someone else wrote "sometimes buyers are just too serious!! Dan
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    windshield chip repair

    I received a small rock chip in my F150. Is there a chip repair kit that stands above the others. I've used a coupla kits that varied in quality (some left some of the crack, another completely removed the crack and one left some crack and eventually failed and new longer cracks appeared) Thanks...
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    SA SB Spec question

    I know the only spec SA has to meet is to be oily. However I have used Valvoline SB in small air compressors. What additive pack is in SB (anti wear, anti foam, rust/oxidation inhibs??) I need to change oil in pump on high pressure washer and wonder if anyone has knowledge. Thanks Dan