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    little boy blows up a balloon

    If this don't make you laugh, you are DEAD. A little boy blows up a balloon and starts flicking it all around the house with his finger. His mother tells him to stop it as he's liable to break something, but the boy continues. 'Johnny!' Mom screams. 'Knock it off!.' You're going to break...
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    Two women in heaven

    1st woman: Hi! My name is Sandra. 2nd woman: Hi! I'm Sylvia. How'd you die? 1st woman: I froze to death. 2nd woman: How horrible! 1st woman: It wasn't so bad. After I quit shaking from the cold, I began toget warm & sleepy, and finally died a peaceful death. What about you? 2nd...
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    Giving up wine

    I was walking down the street when I was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless woman who asked me for a couple of dollars for dinner. I took out my wallet, got out ten dollars and asked, 'If I give you this money, will you buy wine with it instead of dinner?' 'No,I had to...
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    FIVE RULES FOR MEN TO FOLLOW TO A HAPPY LIFE: 1. It's important to have a woman, who helps at home, who cooks from time to time, cleans up and has a job. 2. It's important to have a woman, who can make you laugh. 3. It's important to have a woman, who you can trust and who doesn't lie to you...
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    A man walks out to the street and catches a taxi just going by. He gets into the taxi, and the cabbie says, 'Perfect timing. You're just like Frank.' Passenger: 'Who?' Cabbie: 'Frank Feldman. He's a guy who did everything right all the time. Like my coming along when you needed a cab, things...
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    Struts for an 02 Camry SE

    You mite want to check ( <a href="" target="_blank"></a> ) for KYB struts....about $120 each for an 02 camry, Have bought from them in the past with no problems, Tim
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    Air Intake vs Regular Filter

    I agree with zulu, after having CAI on my last 3 vehicles. An aftermarket synthetic in the factory airbox is the best way to go, Tim
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    Which cars are still made in Japan

    The RAV4 is made in Japan and now the 2009 is also made in Canada, Tim
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    Toilet Paper

    THE MIRACLE OF TOILET PAPER Fresh from my shower, I stand in front of the mirror complaining to my husband that my breasts are too small. Instead of characteristically telling me it's not so, he uncharacteristically comes up with a suggestion. 'If you want your breasts to grow, then every day...
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    Once a MARINE always a MARINE

    Once a MARINE always a MARINE On their 50th anniversary, a wife found the negligee she wore on her wedding night and put it on. She went to her husband, a retired MARINE, and asked, “Honey, do you remember this?” He looked up from his newspaper and said; “Yes dear, I do. You wore that same...
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    When to change to Syn. oil in 08 Avalon

    WOW, this surprised me, I thought all toyota's were now 5W20.. I put dino in mine at 2,000 and plan on PP at 5,000, Tim
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    Night of drinking

    After a night of drinking, Steve crept into bed beside his wife who was already asleep. He gave her a peck on the cheek and fell asleep. When he awoke he found a strange man standing at the end of his bed wearing a long flowing white robe. "Who the [censored] are you?" demanded Steve...
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    HPTV This Morning - RP Test

    I tried it in a 2004 MINI and did not notice any difference from the factory BMW fill. Maybe it is better, but I have my doubts, Tim
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    HAD to share this one ... Browns/Steelers On a tour of Florida, the Pope took a couple of days off to visit the coast for some sightseeing. He was cruising along the beach in the Popemobile" when there was a frantic commotion just off shore. A helpless man, wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers...
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    new apartment

    A young man moved into a new apartment of his own and went to the lobby to put his name on his mailbox. While there, an attractive young lady came out of the apartment next to the mailboxes, wearing a robe. The boy smiled at the young woman and she started a conversation with him. As they...
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    2008 toyota,1st oil change

    If I can make it, i will change about 2,500 with dino and then at 5,000 I will go with PP 5W20. It's tough being from the "old school" and changing habits. You youngsters don't understand, when I started wrenching we would change oil every 1,000 miles!! Thanks for the responses, Tim
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    2008 toyota,1st oil change

    Oil looks like new, and have not used any yet. Did a fairly good breakin with downshifting for back pressure and redlines. But I am from the old school of dumping the factory fill by 500 miles. Was not sure, since toyota changed to the 0W20 spec, if it was "ok" to leave in for the full 5,000...
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    2008 toyota,1st oil change

    Hi, trying to decide, since my 2008 Rav4 says it uses 0W20 or 5W20 oil, should i wait the 5,000 miles before 1st change? Now coming up on 2,000 and 3 months. Too soon? Since the oil in it now is probably a semi-synthetic, was going to use pennsoil 5W20 till 5,000 and then use PP every 5 after...
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    Diesel oil in gas engine

    I'm just the mechanic, what do I know...when I told my super he said "not to worry, 5W20 is for CAFE only" We only use one grade of oil for everything, USE it!!! This from the 4th biggest utility in the country. So far so good?! Time and miles will tell us all.
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    Diesel oil in gas engine

    We have been using 15W40 in all our '06 and '07 ford 4&6 cyl since new...around 30,000 miles each now, and no problem. Even though the specs are for 5W20!!! This is in N.E. Ohio...last winter we had 80" of snow and plenty of 5 degree days.