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    Mustard on a Chicago hot dog- the rest of the story

    As the immigrant Nun said, when she saw her first HitcDog. “What part of the dog is this from”!
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    VW Did It Right- Key Fob

    My former Mercedes E350 took a 2025 battery, but every car since takes a 2032. The only difference is the 2032 is slightly thicker than the 2025.
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    work at Buc-ee's?

    Building another near Ocala on I-75.
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    NEW Shell V-Power NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline

    Because my cell provider is T-Mobil, I sign into T-Mobil Tuesdays. It directs me into Shell and I always get a minimum of 10 cents off and sometimes as much as 50 cents off per gallon. Use nothing but Shell Premium. Keeps injectors and fuel lines clean.
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    My Buick collection is growing!

    Is that car made in Germany by Opal?
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    Need advice for a trip to Sarasota (right on time for a hurricane)

    Glad I live inland. There is a lot of “inland” in Florida.
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    Need advice for a trip to Sarasota (right on time for a hurricane)

    Now I’m gettingg concerned. Now the projected center of track is shifting south. At the moment, it looks like landfall west of Ocala. If the projected track goes any further south. I’ll have ro break out the generator.
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    Need advice for a trip to Sarasota (right on time for a hurricane)

    This storm came right through my area. Mt. Dora. Before storm hit, got my generator set up. Laid extensions to refrigerator, one window a/c and a fan to help when power went out. MIRACLE. Power did not go out. MIRACLE. Slight soffit damage. BTW. Mt. Dora, elevation 180 ft, is where people...
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    Need advice for a trip to Sarasota (right on time for a hurricane)

    Convertibles are really a winter car in Florida.
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    Need advice for a trip to Sarasota (right on time for a hurricane)

    No no no. Keep the convertible. Even if you get heavy rain, the next day and following days will be beautiful. Looking at the present track forecast, you will have nothing to worry about.
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    Need advice for a trip to Sarasota (right on time for a hurricane)

    Nuch to early to worry. Have not yet published a projected track. Cat 1 is serious. If it hits you direct. If center misses you by 30 to 50 miles, not quite as bad. Twenty years ago, Hurricane caused a lot of damage in Orlando but no damage here in Mt. Dora, 25 miles away. As for surf, even a...
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    A pair of WWE wrestlers gone.

    Old timers? I’m of an era when Lou Thesz was champ. Also Gorgeous George and my favorite; Bouncing Benito Gardini, “The Little Flower of Italy “.
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    What is the worst car you ever owned?

    2017 Lincoln Continental.
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    Have you ever owned a convertible?

    1960 Triumph TR3A (RHD) 1961 Buick Special. 19xx Porsche (VW! 914 2003 Chrysler Sebring 2015 Mercedes E350
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    Darwin Grip

    I first thought you were talking about Darwin NT. Hot and wet in summer. Hot and dry in winter. Destroyed 50 years ago by a strong Typhoon.
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    Florida sales tax on Auto for out of state buyers

    Don’t know about today but as of just a few years ago; If you drive the car out of Florida, you pay the Florida 6 % sales tax. Anything over 6% goes to the County (or dealers pocket) Plus Paper Tag. Your home state will get the money from Florid (except when they can’t). If you load car onto...
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    2023 Fiat 500 Hybrid Rental Review

    Im 1. As per mpg, Imperial Gallon is one fifth LARGER than an American Gallon. Your mpg seems correct. 2. Per good shifting, best manual shifting I ever had were the Renault Laguna’s I had (a 1.8 and a 2.0) that shifted great. Like shifting through butter.
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    Found a Reason to Stop Using 15w-40!

    Ever wonder why the Kendal logo is a hand with two finger sticking out? Until the late 1940’s or early 1950’s, people changed oil every one thousand miles. Kendal’s new oil was advertised as the; TWO, TWO, TWO Thousand Mile Oil. I can still hear the ad today. (Yes, I’m old).
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    How stupid can people be?

    Not about GPS, but about companies keep track of your activities. Forty years ago, large company I worked at up North, had a toll free line (800 number) that was to be used for outgoing OFFICIAL calls. A friend in my cubicle had a habit of phoning his mother in Florida every day using that...
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    World's Largest Gas Station Opens

    Still building the one on I-75 Ocala. Florida is even building a new exit just gor that Buc-ees. Above is on addition to the locations on I-95 Daytona and St. Augustine.