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    aluminum grease and anti-seize

    I wouldn't use a grease for bolts myself especially if it has moly in it cause it will eventually back out by itself if it is any good grease. use anti-seize for bolts.
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    Tacky grease

    a tacky grease is limited to your uses. first off, grease is not grease. what I mean is, you have a tackifier in greases, but also have oil and additives in greases. some are tacky and others are thin. why is this? because they are used in different situations. real thin grease is used for...
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    Daytime running lamps-Opinions

    well I just put on some bright off road lights on the front of my truck for people who can't see. maybe they will be able to see when I flip these on. I never use them other than making others see better. I have no problem seeing myself. I realize that some cars cannot get their drl's off but it...
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    Grease separation

    you'll find that heat is the culprit for grease separation. get one that has a high heat factor or leave in a cool place.
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    How can syn blend be so cheap?

    most are correct, the blend usually has 10% synth oil, very few have any more than that. schaeffers is the only oil that is a blend that uses 25% synth oil. the blends are a good alternative to a full synth as far as I'm concerned. that is one reason they are cheap as you say. as for political...
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    greae info

    I'm thinking the name of it was standard if memory serves.
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    FAQ - Thin Oil Myth

    what people don't understand is that in the old days, visc made a big difference as far as protection. why? because it was acting like a barrier additive. it was thicker and it took more pressure to squeeze the oil out between the parts. therefore it protected more. now, we have better barrier...
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    greae info

    there is an alum complex grease that has moly in it and it will not wash out.that is what I would use for a tractor. the reason is that you have to go in water and when you do it will cause the moly to wash right out the grease, you then have to re-grease your unit. with alum complex water will...
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    Another compatibility question

    yes, most all automotive greases are a lith based grease and schaeffers uses an alum complex grease.they will be compatible.
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    Daytime running lamps-Opinions

    I just read this again and really want to add to this. I just came back from chattanooga tn yesterday. I had a p/u that had lights on that where from h***. I then turned on my yellow light that has two strobe lights in it.(I escort big trucks among other things) so I use lights on top while...
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    Mixing grease types

    the chart is located in the first thread. along with alot of other good info about greases. if you do change greases do like suggested and purge out by frequently lubricating the deck. if will eventually take over as the primary grease and the old grease will no longer be a factor.
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    Why do moly-fortified greases always have bad spec

    there is something a lot of people don't realize. moly is a good ep additive but will not stay on unless your thickener is good. what I do is show people how the moly grease is good with the bearing machine. it plates up and you cannot stop it because it is really slick with the moly. I then...
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    AutoRx, Synthetic Oil and seal leaks

    i'm sure that there are some exceptions but synth oils do not cause leaks. they use to before changing their chemistry. auto rx does not expand the seals either. it is suppose to be a cleaner. older oils did cause problems for seals. now if the seal is bad, it will leak. like stated, there are...
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    Do synthetic oils have a superior film strength?

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> some esters maybe but the normal additive system will be the more potent film improver over any base oil. bruce <hr /></blockquote> I'm totally with bruce. syth will last longer but not protect better. additives do the work. look at all the uoa's. if syths did all the...
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    Why are some trying to thicken their oil?

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> Quote by mdocod , synthetics have 7 times the film strength of dino . This qoute is not TRUE show me facts that back up this silly statement, ARE YOU AN AMSOIL DEALER. <hr /></blockquote> let me tell you some things you may not know. first, the thick oil additive your...
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    An oil filter statement.

    all oil will filter but he is correct that the bypass will open up after the pressure exceeds what can go into the filter. so what he says is true that alot of oil will bypass the filter but oil also goes through the filter media also there fore you see alot of oil being filtered. I ran a can...
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    My first post! This site is incredible!

    welcome to all that has posted. I'm glad to see you guys are using this site. I tried to educate people on oil and teach as much as posible. I'm sure there is more to learn but I have never seen any other site out there that can do more than what this site does imo. bob
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    Chrysler 2.7L V-6 -- Rodney Dangerfield Engine?

    I have a 2.7 on my intrepid and I like it. it only gets 400 miles on a tank but I have had very few problems with that motor. I have a 157,000 on that motor and it still goes strong. I just recently got a 96 ford ranger xlt truck. so far no problems on it.
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    60% ase mechanics say change every 3k

    I have a Seiko watch that came directly from toyota because of what I told them about why they are experiencing the sludged problem on alot of their cars. also why did toyota changed their oil changes to 7500 mile oil drains if he is a master mechanic for toyota? bet he himself doesn't really...
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    Filter performance as it gets old/dirty

    I agree, the longer filter is run, the more efficient it gets but to only a certain degree. like stated above, change it sooner and you wont have a problem. the fuel filter will cause your engine to run poorly as it gets clogged up and will kill your engine if run past its life. oil filters will...