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    Another potential Subaru filter with the higher bypass pressure?

    That filter looks really good as far as assembly quality. "China junk" looks a lot better than much of what we're seeing made in NC for years now. I'll bet my Japanese engine will never know?? 🤔 The "FVP" brand on RA for $2.33 is a Subaru specific filter and list 27psi as bypass. They are...
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    Kohler 52 050 02 vs Stuper Tech 3614

    On Rock Auto this filter is like $1.38 sold as the Champ PH2835. You know Kohler is paying Champ less than that and then marking them up. It's like jewelry with it's 1,500% mark up. My brother pays the premium for the same filter sold as a "Kawasaki" filter for his zero turn. I've tried to tell...
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    Position of the By-Pass Valve in an Oil Filter

    Always? So on my Subaru that has the base plate "thread-end" mounted down, wouldn't this contradict your statement? I agree with a filter mounted base plate up, it is better. A filter mounted horizontal? Probably doesn't matter. But I personally can't imagine a filter full of sludge and dirt...
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    Position of the By-Pass Valve in an Oil Filter

    That looks 100% Champ Labs? Is that a Motorcraft 910-S size filter?
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    closest to Subaru OEM bypass valve rate '18 Impreza 2.0

    I bought the car. Did a fresh oil change and threw a Fram PH7317 (probably my first Fram in 25 years?) on it. I placed a RA order on a bunch of maintenance stuff, and the Wix 57055 were only $4 ea and shipped from the same warehouse so no additional shipping charges, so I bought 10 along with 10...
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    Champ PH48 cut open

    I used the Champ brand PH2835 on a new Fusion and that car had around 135k when traded and it was quiet as a mouse. 5K oil changes with house brand synthetic. I got them from RA for under $2/ea when I combined shipping. The combo valve, to me, is simple but should be fail proof. I wouldn't bet...
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    closest to Subaru OEM bypass valve rate '18 Impreza 2.0

    About to buy a 2015 Suby with the 2.0L. What is the fascination with the 23psi bypass valve? Are there known issues with using a lower rating? Thanks!
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    2021 Ford Explorer factory filter CUT OPEN

    I thought they had been using Wix for quite some time now? Wasn't the damaged factory F-150 filter posted here a while back a Wix? And now with Wix becoming Wixolator or whatever Mann+Hummel are doing, who knows what anything is anymore???
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    20k Supertech filter now at walmart

    The K&N SO1002 is the Champ XL line with a 300% mark up. Although Champ has switched to the "multi base plate" for whatever reason as (2835XL) pictured below. The orange button by pass appears Identical. Either way, these new ST Filters look like a good value at under $6. I would never run my...
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    20k Supertech filter now at walmart

    I did. Sorry. Wasn't being critical, just trying to make it clear. Hard to keep up with all these filter changes. @alarmguy , I wonder if there is a reason for that plate also? I mean, I do not see where it would hurt anything, but I also don't see the benefit. The actual base plate seems...
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    20k Supertech filter now at walmart

    This is not accurate. The MP10575 does not have a combo valve. It has a dome end. This MP line is likely very closely related to the Champ XL line. Synthetic blend media ( at least ), silicon ADBV and dome end by pass. I will never understand running an oil or filter over 10k miles. I won't go...
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    Napa Proselect 21085 C&P

    I wonder why, at least for my vehicles, the Napa silver is $3.99 and the pro select $4.99? Would seem bass akwards? I'll be replacing a pro select 21334 tomorrow. Will try to tear into it asap and see what it looks like.
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    PF53 Amazon

    That is the same as the Champ PH2835 & SuperTech ST3614. Good filters. Not sure what you paid on Amazon, but it gives you options for comparing price.
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    Champ XL filters

    Just got 2 ea of the 2876XL (6607 equiv.) and 2835XL (MC 910s equiv.) The 2876XL (pic. 3) looks just like the regular PH2876, dome bypass etc., but with silicon ADBV and the synthetic blend media. The 2835XL (pic.1) also has a dome bypass and not the combo valve like the regular PH2835, it's an...
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    Looks like it did it's job.
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    K&N performance silver 4k.

    I am not gonna lie. I 110% at first look thought: "Wonder if that was slightly over tightened". I am not bashing, just an honest observation.
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    ST/Champ are a good quality filter. People can't get past the cheap vs inexpensive debate and would droll over them if they had to pay $7/ea thinking it "must be good". But, since they run anywhere from $1.30 (RA), $1.99 (RK), $2.97 (WM) they're deemed "okay for very short oci" is what I was...
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    New Champ PH2876 C&P

    Yeah IDK? I have run Champ ph2835 (FL-910s) in the past and they were made in USA too as well as several Champ air filters I have bought. I was going to order more of these with my next RA order, but maybe I'll just buy the Prime/Rural king or the Fram COR6607 which are the same filter so I can...
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    New Champ PH2876 C&P

    Pretty solid looking filter. Have been running these on a 1.8L Nissan. Will get a used C&P in a few months. This is the 6607 equivalent.
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    1st oil change OEM Ford Filter

    I saw this about 20 years ago. The dealer bought a very nice 2 or 3 year old Ranger from an auto auction. When the tech put the truck up to do a used car check, it had the factory FoMoCo filter on it still with close to 30k miles. When he drained the oil it was very dark and thick. It was his...