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    Do I want Torque Pro, what about an OBD2 scanner?

    Autel 200 I hear is quite good. Torque Pro is a good data reader but that's about it. No two way coms.
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    Thread for photos that 100% do not violate any Terms Of Service, not political, not too lewd, no gas price pics etc.

    My old rural mail man swore by them. Went through about 4 but put on a couple hundred stop and go miles a day.
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    Windshield Wiper Fluid

    They use to use methanol in the regular -20F blue stuff. Might be on the outs though with all the green push and replaced with isopropyl? But that too is not much good when it's really cold as the methanol evaporates too fast with wind. They add the propylene glycol to the super cold stuff I...
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    Windshield Wiper Fluid

    I buy it by the case when Farm and Fleet has it on sale.
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    Credit Card Competition Act

    That is the goal of the act, to reduce the perks that good credit gets you. And no the savings will not be passed on.
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    Coolant flush question

    Usually you can find a hose that is the highest point the system for venting. When I flush with water I refill with 70/30 the top off with 50/50 as needed.
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    Lawn leveling advice

    The plant gets it's energy from the leaves. That's why I don't mow it until it's well established.
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    Foggy windows in the “old days” when most cars didn’t have AC.

    In my VW bug I carried an ice scraper.
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    I could use some help interpreting Torque app data

    You can add custom PIDs if you know the address. Torque has a forum but not much going on. And a plugin Torque scan to look at your ECU...
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    Lawn leveling advice

    I add a fall fertilizer, Estate 18-22-6, when I plant the seed. 7 days to sprout assuming a rain and mow in 4 weeks. No mow if rain is inconsistent or none.
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    Amazon, again.

    Here's something else. Ordered a lower radiator hose and wanted to get two. But said only one in stock so I ordered it. Go back the next day and same thing, only one in stock. They have it discounted priced at around 22% off and don't want you buying more than one at a time.
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    Relocated A Chipmunk

    Chipmunks are bad news around here. They tunnel alongside the foundation and over time they remove the soil and depresses the area. We had them really bad and then had a huge flood. Drowned them all out for about three years. Then they came back but I have cats now. Hawks like them too.
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    Lacquer Thinner to clean converter for BMW M5 V10

    Not much you put in the gas would ever reach the cat. Unless it was noncombustible.
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    Cruise control works sometimes, sometimes not

    On my Gen Coupe sometimes the cruise will be on but will not set or resume. A quick jab on the brake pedal clears that up till the next time.
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    USB Chargers ?

    They have USB C cords coming out now that can take 240w too.
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    What are you working on today?

    Leaky lower radiator hose. Taking the radiator out to examine the pipe
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    USB Chargers ?

    I bought a high power car charger and hard wired it in. It recharges the phone while keeping the Torque app dash on all the time.
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    USB Chargers ?

    No they are not all the same. Look at the fine print on them and they will have a watt or amp rating at 5Vdc. And the cord you use will limit full power too if it's too small of wire (usually). My fast charge Motorola charger is 10W/2A @5vdc