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    Sealed 100K Mile Transmissions with No Dip Stick (ATF Change) ?

    First transmission I ever had to replace was a "sealed" and "good for 100k" 62TE in a Town and Country that crapped out just after the 100k recommended change. The fluid was extremely dark. Never towed a thing, never even broke traction. I've never had a transmission problem so I was not one...
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    Great Coleslaw Recipe!

    I add a little lemon juice to my slaw to brighten it up just a tad.
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    Moisture in the Crankcase

    I don't know. I have a vehicle that sits sometimes for months. If you're in the "cold starts cause wear" camp then an unnecessary cold start may not be something you are a fan of. Do seals become brittle? I don't know. It's got high mileage oil in it. I've had this vehicle for about 4...
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    Dash Cam install on my Escape

    If you're new to dash cams, be aware that most of them are not 100% reliable.
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    Moisture in the Crankcase

    So if the water evaporates, how do we know it actually leaves the engine as opposed to hangs out somewhere inside then returns to the oil as a liquid again? Are we assuming it's being sucked up through the pcv?
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    A new silicone tire sealant stops nails in their tracks

    Oh wow, so run flats are a new thing now. Ok. 🦧
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    Original Dex Cool or newer Prestone Platinum

    I'm not about to keep up with all that childish crap. Yeah that's what I think of it. I use Prestone universal in everything after a good flush. Everything I've got it in is staying nice and clean.
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    How much longer do I give the dealer?

    Now? You've been lucky for a long time.
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    topdon battery test results

    Are you questioning the the "TOPDON Artibattery101"? :LOL:
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    How Lucky Can You Get ?

    I rarely get even one number. Seriously. I can't grip how unlucky I am. On a serious note, with the world as screwed up as it is, I think it is literally a security risk to give anyone as much money as these big lottos are.
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    new member oil recommendation

    Your #1 concern needs to be GM approved as stated in the manual so that when the engine croaks you've got all your receipts so they can't refuse your claim based on "wrong oil". Of course there are choices within that approval and that's where a little science and a lot of opinion come into...
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    Oiled the Lug Bolts

    I've lubricated lug nuts before, back when I put WD40 on my plastic fishing worms, and never had a wheel fall off or get stuck on. And I've put vehicles through some harsh stuff.
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    FRAM Extra Guard PH4967 cut open ...

    Guy is pretty down to earth and particular and watching a video like this shows you how you can't judge a filter by just one feature. He mentioned covid, I think there's a lot of crap out there we'll be going through for years because of mfg issues related to covid. I hope I never have to buy...
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    What power steering pump for a GM truck?

    I've gotten to the point where the risk is in buying a new one, moreso than keeping the old one if it's working ok. GM has always had awesome ps pumps in their vehicles I've owned. I'd be literally scared to replace it. That being said, I think Melling is in the ps pump business now? I'm...
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    When and why did you decide to be done with beater cars?

    I have driven and bought new cars since my high school days into my late 30's. With maturity, priorities, and new vehicles that are of questionable quality and cost that insults even a moderately intelligent human, I now prefer older used vehicles with one goal - to get me where I need to go...
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    MMO “experiment” (1oz per gal of fuel)

    I'd be afraid to put acetone in anything, even if it hung around long enough to do any cleaning. No?
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    Local Dodge dealer's lot looks like a broken down Amazon truck storage lot.

    North of Atlanta - there are multiple lots across the county I work in with stored Amazon vans.
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    Ugh, can't decide. Which evil manipulative monkey-pandering hypocrite do I vote for. Maybe it's just a GA thing. All our candidates supposedly ran over their wives with cars. :LOL:
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    Bleeding brakes: Impossible due to system design??

    I ntoice my vehicles tend to get a softer and softer pedal as time goes by, regardless of bleeding. Maybe this is why.
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    Post your latest boat or PWC oil and filter change

    My 2 stroke is oil injected, so I just keep adding oil, like my '02 Taurus. 😁