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    Pollen filter - Do they really work?

    Amazingly well. I don't have allergy problems, but my wife no longer has problems in the car. Look at one of these filters after one year's use, and you'll see for yourself. Every once in a while, I feel the need to turn off the climate control and open the windows and the sunroof. Man, the...
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    2007 Poll - Are you using Synthetic?

    Synthetic, absolutely! BITOG inspired me to do some real research into lubricants and filters, and there's a treasure trove of information here on the board too. I use synthetic in every engine I have now. OK, it might be overkill in the lawn mower, but I've seen a distinct improvement in...
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    Synthetic and Fuel Economy?

    I run synthetic in all my cars, and I've never noticed a difference in MPG when switching. I think the biggest factors in MPG are non-oil related, like weather, tire pressure and how hard you hit the ol' gas pedal...
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    In most cases PCV valves are not that expensive and should be replaced regularly, IMHO. I replace them at 60K intervals or when they don't rattle anymore. They are probably the most important thing that lets blowby gases out of the engine and prevents sludge. It's also worth checking the...
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    GM Oil Specs

    Thanks for the info, and the welcome! If I can find a copy of the specs, I'll make sure to post them.
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    M1 Noise Official Tally

    2004 Saab 9-3, 2.0l I4 turbo 30,000 miles M1 0W40 since new Amazingly quiet and smooth machine! 2003 Ford Taurus, 3.0l V6 Vulcan 60,000 miles M1 5W20, replaced dealer "mystery fill" Noticeably smoother and less noise
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    GM OLM, how many use it?

    I use it on my SAAB 9-3. I was changing the oil at 50%, but after a lot of research on the OLM and reading UOAs here, I'm following it now.
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    GM Oil Specs

    First time poster, guys. I've been looking at different oil options for my SAAB 9-3, which requires a GM spec oil (GM-LL-A-025). I'm one of those nerds who actually reads and compares these specs. The ILSAC and Ford specs are pretty easy to find, but I can't find the GM specs. Does anybody...