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    Blue coolant is now slowly turning reddish.

    So as a follow up on this thread i would like to point out that after approx 13k miles the back then new basf g48 is turning reddish again when i look into the coolant reservoir. I will suck some coolant out tomorrow with a glycol meter to get a better view. I have been trying to search if...
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    10% ethanol fuel vs ethanol free fuel for boat/outboard motor use?

    For me it would not be a big deal if i needed to take the carbs out and clean them myself, i am a mechanic myself and like doing jobs like that every now and then to also know everything is 100% up to spec. So for me the risk of running e10 in the motor is not so big. If you cant do it...
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    10% ethanol fuel vs ethanol free fuel for boat/outboard motor use?

    Yes youre right, i didnt read it correctly. No idea how that could happen then so now i am also curious.🤔
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    10% ethanol fuel vs ethanol free fuel for boat/outboard motor use?

    I am not familiar with those boats, however i have seen cases of polyester made motorcycle tanks melting/bubbling when the ehtanol fuels where introduced. It somehow softened the epoxy/crawled through it.
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    10% ethanol fuel vs ethanol free fuel for boat/outboard motor use?

    Yes thats true, however here in europe e0 is useally only sold as premium sports car fuels and then it will useally be 98 or 102 octane fuels. This honda is designed so it doesnt require race fuels and can run on ****ty fuels (useally not even available in western europe) so in theory it should...
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    10% ethanol fuel vs ethanol free fuel for boat/outboard motor use?

    Just a followup, ive been using the e10 ethanol fuel now for over a year and also during the winter storage (its only like a month so dont know if you can really call it a winter storage) and ive had zero problems. The engine is used at least once every 4 weeks and in the summer times much more...
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    Operating hours versus mileage for oil changes?

    I always wondered why cars are sole measured on milage rather than operating hours. Also maintenance wise but especially for the used vehicle market. "normal'' people expect paying top dollar prices for a low milage car will guarantee them to be fault/problem free and that a high milage car...
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    What oil is best for the Prince-Engine?

    The non turbo vti's actually last a lot longer then the turbo 1.6 prince version. I've seen examples make it up to 200.000 250.000 km on original chains. The 1.6 turbo however is sometimes already worn at 80.000km.
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    Best oil for old K24?

    I've actually built a 8000rpm 300hp k24 engine, i know the timing cover is sealed with liquid gasket to the block. When not done right it tends to leak in the lower corners where it meets with the oil pan and engine block. When done right offcourse i would find the leak and fix it. This high...
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    Automotive Longevity. How Long Will it Last

    Yeah i think about 30-40% load at 3000 3500 rpm. Unfortunatly its not a 200mph car😬 Fastest i could manage was 140mph. This bmw was offcourse designed to last on the german autobahns so its made for long high speed trips, my previous car a french peugeot 206 1.6 16v city car was not designed...
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    Automotive Longevity. How Long Will it Last

    I did not say an engine was designed to last forever, i said an engine was designed to make it on its last legs to 200k miles with neglected maintainance which i think 6 out of 10 cars get when they are past 10 years old. In europe if you are not offering atleast 10k 15k ocis your not selling...
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    Automotive Longevity. How Long Will it Last

    My 2005 bmw 325i is now reaching 248.450 miles, while that may look like an akward number in miles it translates to 400.000km's which is above average high in europe and most normal people think a car will not make it this high. This n52 engine puts out 220hp out of a 2.5l inline 6. This means...
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    ED drugs and tinnitus - HORRIBLE experience!

    Eventhough this is 5 years old and i am not suffering myself i want to thank you for your honest open story, i have a colleauge who has it and he told me about it once. I said that my momand aunt also have it and that it can impact your life very hard. He was amazed that he could talk to me...
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    Never ever drank even one energy drink?

    I had a couple over the years but not that much either, ive helped out my nephew sometimes with his landscaping company and on hot days when we worked hard all day it was nice to get one at the gas station and those are the only moments i really enjoy drinking it after some hard work on hot...
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    Toured an Airbus A400

    I can clearly hear these flying over at 30.000 ft 😁 The loudest prop plane i ever heard flying over at those alttitudes is an antonov an12.
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    10W-30 outboard oil recommendations?

    I use OEM honda filter, eventhough i estimate to make more then 100hrs a year i change the oil only every winter. I like to stick to fc-w approved marine oils. 5w30 is also approved but i see most marine oils are 10w30, because its a carburated motor and they tend to dilute the oil with fuel...
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    10W-30 outboard oil recommendations?

    I am planning to change the oil in my Honda BF 50 this winter, Honda prescribes 10w30 oil. In europe its hard to get official honda 10w30 outboard oil, its only sold in liter bottles and costs a fortune. It is not FC-W approved like the honda 10w30 marine oil is in the USA. This engine needs...
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    10% ethanol fuel vs ethanol free fuel for boat/outboard motor use?

    So boating season is comming to an end. I have used e10 fuel the whole season and did not have any problems. I do have to say that i use the boat a lot so fuel never really gets older then a month. If i would have stored the engine i would drain the tank and put a liter of e0 in it, however i...