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    Oh boy, yet ANOTHER cop tazer incident.

    His buddies will never let him live that down. I'm a fireman and if you do something goofy during the year, you get a gag gift at the annual Christmas party.
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    4 Dollar Gas By Spring

    People do have to buy gas, but they choose what type of vehicle they buy. As long as I see the highways crowded with large trucks and SUV's, that tells me gas is not priced too high. Nomex firesuit on.
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    Are the Ford 4.6 motors tolerant 40 wgt oils?

    What has the engine seen thus far? Whatever it has been using seems to work given the miles. If the UOA section is a good yardstick, these engines seem to thrive on thinner oils.
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    Switching to Synthetic, Yay or Nay?

    I have owned several vehicles past 100K using dino at 3-4K intervals and never had a major engine problem. I just have not seen enough evidence to convince me that the extra money is justified in everyday driving conditions. Extreme climates or extended drains are a different story.
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    How much oil are you using?

    The only vehicle I remember using oil was my '92 3.0 Ranger. It used a quart every 3K from the day I bought it new, but was bulletproof. My current vehicles do not use any oil between drains.
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    FF's...we just got our FEMA grant!!

    I can't speak for all paid departments, but I do know that some career guys do receive an allowance to purchase their gear. I won't get into state politics. My original post was simply to share with my BITOG friends my elation of receiving new gear to protect my buddies and I as we protect our...
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    2008 Gut Drop!

    Be realistic about your life and what changes you will actually maintain over time. You like cookies? Eat them, just a few each day/night and not the whole box. You like beer? Fine, in moderation, 1 or 2 max a day. Excercise is the key. Find a weight training program that works for you, one that...
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    FF's...we just got our FEMA grant!!

    We are a volunteer department, so by donating our time we are saving the community hundredes of thousands of tax dollars each year by not having to pay firemen wages and benefits. There will always be that group that wants cheap homeowner rates, but gripe about us receiving a grant.
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    Fram Tough Guard

    I noticed that deal on their store front yesterday. I am currently using a tough guard on my Mustang and it seems fine. No start up noise and quick oil pressure from a cold start and of course the sure grip surface makes installation much easier.
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    FF's...we just got our FEMA grant!!

    Basically, my fire dept. got a federal grant to buy new fireman stuff. <img src="/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/grin2.gif" alt="" title="grin" height="15" width="15" />
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    FF's...we just got our FEMA grant!!

    Woohoo!!! My dept today got our official notice of our FEMA grant for PPE. We currently have all different brands of old air packs and our turnouts are at least 10 years old. We are going to use the grant to standardize with new carbon cylinder air packs and PBI turnouts, both badly needed.
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    "Bullitt" The Movie

    Bullitt is my favorite movie of all time. I have it on DVD and watch it at least once a week. It's probably no coincidence that we have 2 Mustangs.
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    Life on Mars

    Maybe he's walking because his car broke down from not using a syn oil? <img src="/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/crackmeup2.gif" alt="" title="crackmeup" height="27" width="29" />
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    Do you ever just stop and think......

    Discussing oil has to be better than turning on the tv and watching the latest teen celebrity meltdown on half the channels.
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    Dino guys vs. syn guy's

    My main reason I use dino or syn blend oils is that two of my three vehicles are under warranty and I need to stay under 5,000 miles or 6 months to keep within warranty compliance. Any good dino or blend can handle that given my driving conditions. I have never had an oil related engine problem...
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    04 Mustang GT MC 5w20 3,062 mi.

    Thanks, Pablo, that sounds like a good plan. This car is so much fun to drive it shouldn't take too long to put some miles on her!
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    04 Mustang GT MC 5w20 3,062 mi.

    The Stanger has only 14,000 miles and I have put 10K of those on the car since buying it last February. Pablo, I have no idea, Blackstone indicated anything below 0.6 as within normal range.
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    04 Mustang GT MC 5w20 3,062 mi.

    Just another great Motorcraft 5w20 report...Motorcraft filter used. Alum 3 Iron 8 Copp 1 Moly 41 Boro 196 Sili 15 Sodi 2 Calc 1972 Magn 9 Phos 699 Zinc 863 All values not listed are zero. Viscosity @ 210 is 49.1, @ 100 is 7.01, flashpoint is 395F, fuel <0.5, zero water or...
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    Fram Sure Grip

    Do any other readily available filters besides Fram and Advance Auto have the rough grippy surface? I just today installed a TG2 on my Mustang for the simple reason the sure grip makes the job much easier. So far so good, no start up noise and quick oil pressure from a cold sart.
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    Meet Mustang Sally ( my wife) ! !

    Sorry, Aldaris, my northern Ky friend. I'll post pics my next day off.