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    "So, Please Help"

    Remember that conspiracy theories are just another phase for spoiler alert!
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    What MERV rating and width filter do you use

    What gets me is 20x25x5 does not mean 20x25x5 My Carrier has made it a very specific size, most wont fit. Like this example: Filterbuy 20 X 25 X 5 MERV 11 Actual: 19.88x24.75x4.38" I tried a 3m, no go. It is : Actual filter size is: 19.56 x 24.13 x 4.75 Inch It's almost like they want us to...
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    Thread for photos that 100% do not violate any Terms Of Service, not political, not too lewd, no gas price pics etc.

    I wish Houston had a real rock station, sure miss Stevens and Pruett, RIP.
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    Where to park ~$30k?

    Liqidity-From Fidelity MM to local bank, done online Sunday, in by Monday. Wired to Japan Tuesday arrived Thursday. Wow. Got in a college fund there for new grandbaby before deadline.
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    Where to park ~$30k?

    SPAXX at Fidelity. Money market, liquid. 4.96% now.
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    School Lunches

    I remember in maybe 2nd or 3rd? grade I was curious about the milk in the green cartons..........only took me one sniff.
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    Russian Sub w/ Ukrainian porthole

    "I do cars" guy call em inspection ports.
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    Naval aircraft carrier turning at speed; Really Impressive

    So if the mass of water in the bucket actually slows the gpm the bucket should fill faster with the nozzle above. Might try that.
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    Naval aircraft carrier turning at speed; Really Impressive

    I caught a small invisable jet of 450# steam, and yes I bet 1200 can. We used the broom on our hydrogen tower stairs and piping too. It would catch fire when passed by a leak.
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    Naval aircraft carrier turning at speed; Really Impressive

    Excellent question..........
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    Naval aircraft carrier turning at speed; Really Impressive

    Doesn't do any good to turn so sharp all the planes fall offo_O
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    Hercules cordless

    I like being able to buy replacement battery packs from Vanon. They perform well and are available for most major brands. HF not so much, I just looked. From my time with flashlights I've learned when you see 18650 cells too cheap they are salvaged and the decent ones have new endcaps on them to...
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    I Hang On To My Tools.

    Worked on a Paper Machine (similar to the image) in the 70's. Made a 30' wide sheet of newspaper at 35 mph, massive machine. We changed these felt belts every 2 weeks that pulled the paper (or visa versa-it's been a while) from a 3'dia solid granite roll$$$. We were done and maint noticed a...
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    Textured ceiling - how to?

    My texture exactly-Stomp Brush. I have tried to match and it's almost impossible. If you try to feather into the existing you get "double stomped". If you try to sand smooth a width or line and fill in you create an edge. The best i have done is to approach it with an artist eye and touch, and...
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    Dimpled cylinders

    LOL, you just have to park it near the entrance, the dimples will come to you.
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    Dimpled cylinders From Mythbusters, At constant 65 mph speed, the cleaner car gave 26 MPG and the dimpled one gave an amazing 29 MPG.
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    What are you watching in YouTube?

    One of the comments "So now you burn 2x gas, 2x maintenance , 2x noise to mow the same width" haha At least when I made mine years ago I offset it. I had a 24" rider and a 20" push mower to mow 2 acres. And I never had a trans issue. However I did mow over a Walkman that an errant tree limb...
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    Home insurance increase

    I wish I could find the article that showed how fema is "redistributing" flood risk. It showed how a homeowner with no risk was paying hundreds more that someone next to the beach this year. I think it was on the news? I also love how ins companies send you those **** "replace page 6 with this...
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    Home insurance increase

    East of Houston Texas, Harris County. Got rid of State farm and got a better rate in 2022 $1764. Next year $1998. This year 3708. No claims, no changes. 40 year old simple 1500 ' home. I remember my Dad, he always said if he would have just put the payments in S&P or something he would be way...
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    Cost of a new central air system

    Like any appliance, avoid the bells and whistles. They will break the most and will be the out of stock parts.