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    New Telluride - Mobil 1 HM?

    Thought I would post back here. Only 2,500 miles on the Telluride so far - still not sure what I will do long term but forgot I had several quarts of Amsoil XL in the stash so I’m going to use that for the first change. After that’s used up, then I don’t know - I’ll probably just buy two of the...
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    New Telluride - Mobil 1 HM?

    No - but I didn't get any discounts or incentives either. I lucked out - the model we saw had just arrived so it still had the original MSRP sticker on it. The dealer wanted to mark it up but I told them I wasn't paying a different price than what printed on the sticker. I did get the dealer to...
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    New Telluride - Mobil 1 HM?

    Yes, this here - if we are talking an otherwise equivalent oil with slightly more additives and the same price, why aren't we using HM oil all the time in everything? That's always confused me. I would understand if the HM version of an oil didn't come with the same API or ACEA specifications...
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    New Telluride - Mobil 1 HM?

    Just purchased a new Kia Telluride for the family. It's the first vehicle we've ever purchased new, and we are really enjoying the car so far. Any reason to not use Mobil 1 HM 5W30 in this? The owner's manual states ACEA A5 or above (*whatever "above" means), which HM does meet according to...
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    Any RUSH Fans Here, Ay?

    With talent on loan from.....wait that's the wrong RUSH.
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    Apple iPhone SE

    Looks like Walmart is offering $200 off the new SE if you order through their website. You have to purchase it on an installment plan through a carrier, but you can pay off the device after 30 days. I've purchased several phones through Walmart this way and it's a great way to save money if you...
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    Smith & Wesson Model 66 - Old or New?

    I'm kind of partial to the older stuff - partially because I think older stuff is just cooler (mostly purchasing this gun to collect it) but I also think there's something to be said for the way they made things back in the day. I'm going to check some local gun shops for anything. Does anyone...
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    Smith & Wesson Model 66 - Old or New?

    Ever since shooting my grandfather's Smith & Wesson .357 revolver I've always wanted to own a S&W revolver. I'm obsessed with the Model 66 in either polished or brushed nickel. Does S&W still manufacture the Model 66? Is there a newer alternative based off of the Model 66? I'm a casual shooter...
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    Raybestos rotors - Element3 vs Specialty Truck

    I put the Element3 pads on my truck and they've been great. Usually I get some squeaking with semi-metallics by now but these are so far quiet as a mouse. They were priced well, too. Stopping performance is just as good as the semi-metallics I used last.
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    Crazy fixes that worked

    Two things come to mind, both on a '93 GMC K1500. 1) The oil cooler inlet on the radiator started to leak just between the collar on the fitting and the radiator. I used JBWeld and smeared some around the small crack. Stopped leaking and never leaked again for as long as I owned it. 2) The...
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    GM Plastic Heater Hose T-Fitting(s) Broke!

    jetman - how long did this job take you? I've seen this happen on a friend's Silverado (on the highway as well) and I'm just about convinced I should proactively replace these tees on our Yukon. It's an incredibly tight fit right next to the firewall - not looking forward to it.
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    Which HM oil for minor seeps?

    I think I will try Mobil1 HM because I can pick up the exact amount I need (6 quarts) at Sams Club. I may wait until April starts to see if the rebates come out.
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    Which HM oil for minor seeps?

    After finally fixing the leaking block off plate on my 6.2L Yukon I am able to see some additional seepage from the oil pan and what appears to be the front timing cover. Not too serious, but some minor seepage. Stays dry for about a week and then some moisture can be seen. I've been running the...
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    Leak from oil cooler block off plate - GM LS 6.2L

    I pulled off the block off plate to check for any issues with the gasket or surface and found some very slight low spots on the block off plate - almost like corrosion or something. Just to be safe I ordered a new block off plate. I found a billet one from ICT that includes a rubber gasket for...
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    Leak from oil cooler block off plate - GM LS 6.2L

    Trav - is this the stuff you are talking about? Hylomar Blue 172-148 Universal Gasket Sealant 3.5 oz Tube <a href=""...
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    Leak from oil cooler block off plate - GM LS 6.2L

    P10 - where did you order from and do you have a part #? Most part numbers I've found are all superseded with the new design but maybe there is still some old stock out there or a different part number I need to find.
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    Leak from oil cooler block off plate - GM LS 6.2L

    I've been chasing an oil leak from the oil cooler block off plate on my Yukon's 6.2L LS based engine. I'm now on my second replacement gasket and it has started seeping again clearly between the block off plate and the oil pan. The first repair lasted about a year - I used a thin bead of RTV...
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    Alternative to Unaffordable New SUV?

    We were in a similar situation when we were looking to replace an older Suburban. We found our 2007 Yukon XL, at the time it was 9 years old and had 60k miles on it. We purchased it for 1/3rd the cost of a new Yukon. We lucked out because it was a clean, one-owner with a complete maintenance...
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    Anyone ever order tires online at Wallyworld?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by discountdon</div><div class="ubbcode-body">do you have to ship the tires to a Walmart location that has an Auto/Lube/Tires department to get the tires installed??? as not all Walmart locations have such a...
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    New filter size after deleting GM 5.7 oil cooler setup

    I did the same thing on my '98 K1500. If yours is a 4WD, you will be limited in filter choice due to the front driveshaft. I run either the AC PF454 or the aforementioned Wix 57099. I've read that the Wix 51069 may work, but I have a hard time finding it locally, and looks too close to comfort...