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    Will this this Strike Kill Ford/Chevy/Chrysler

    The 32 hour work week… is this needed to reduce the risk of RSI (repetitive stress injury)? Having lived with an RSI for 15 years, it can absolutely ruin your life, and it seems like assembly line work of any nature is a recipe for disaster here. A significant help is to rotate to different...
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    This was a new one for me, '05 Suburban tracking down the noise

    By the way, I assume by your handle that you, “don’t do windows”?
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    Post your latest brake job

    2019 4Runner. Bought used, not sure what came off. old pads were GG rated in the front and FF rated in the rear and had a “woven look” shim over the back side of the pads. brembo front rotors went on, since I’ve read of a few balance issues lately with Raybestos. Lots of slide grease anywhere...
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    Difference between 1.5T in Civic vs 1.5T in Accord?

    Impressive stats. Thanks for the link
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    What's everyone's take on the 2023 Honda Accord?

    I really liked my son’s 2018 civic 6mt. I have been curious if the touring trim has a quieter interior - the sport trim was good enough but just as noisy is they were in the 90s on the highway. Todays civic is probably the same size as the accords were in the 90s as well. If traffic was...
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    Why so many cars in one family or person?

    Hey man, I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine…
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    Foggy windows in the “old days” when most cars didn’t have AC.

    That artwork did look good, didn’t it? I think I figured out the farce when i learned that 10A times 12V =120 watts, so it had less than 1/10 of a hair drier output. it would likely need half an hour to really make a difference.
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    This was a new one for me, '05 Suburban tracking down the noise

    @redhat thanks for taking the time to share all this. This post will probably help a bunch of folks at some point.
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    What are you working on today?

    2019 4runner new bilstein b6 shocks in the back. These are very, very nicely tuned to this vehicle. While I’ve not been as pleased with them in other vehicles, they *nailed* it here. I’m not sure they could have done better. we were lucky that there is no rust in this one - getting the top nut...
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    2004 4Runner - 1 cyl low compression

    I’ve worked with a lot of Toyotas over the years. They became very particular about their engine metallurgy in the beginning, and one result I’ve seen over the years from it is the cylinder bores simply don’t wear much. Im not sure if it’s related, but when they first formed, they sent their...
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    2024 Honda Prologue EV Previewed

    I think we would really enjoy this vehicle. However, it is miles away from what we could justify spending.
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    2004 4Runner - 1 cyl low compression

    If I recall, that era of Toyota 6’s had the occasional issue with burning exhaust valves. Or it may have been the prior decade. A simple head R&R would be the fix there, and frankly, if the rest of the block is in good shape, would be my preference. if it’s been well maintained, I’d much...
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    Why so many cars in one family or person?

    My wife only keeps one vehicle. I keep one right now, but at times have had 2. why 2? for much of my adult life I’ve bought inexpensive and highly used cars. This allows me to buy/sell more freely since they are cheap and I get to try different things. This also means there was always...
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    Time for new tires

    @UG_Passat - how’s the road noise with the Nokians? The tread looks great to the eye. I’d be interested to know long term how the noise is based on other reviews I’ve read. I plugged the CC2s on my wife’s car in nearly the exactly same location. 4 weeks in and there have been no issues. I am...
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    Replace Toyota 2.5L 2AR-FE plugs at around 100k miles?

    If uncertain, pull them and carefully measure the gap and give them a visual inspection. If the gaps are good and they check out visually, you could go on. If the gaps are getting wide, it will delay timing slightly or unevenly and put additional strain on the coils, which are more expensive to...
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    How do I remove front seats in Camry?

    Volvo will even set an airbag light if the ign is turned on while the HVAC controls are unplugged. And it’s a $120 dealer reset or a $120 buy the two-way scan tool. The Volvo will even throw the code/lamp if the wrong battery lead is disconnected before doing some other kind of electrical work -...
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    Coil on plug failed - should I replace all?

    390k? This things a beast and doesn’t owe anyone anything. Since you take 100 mile trips in it on occasion, my personal move would be to swap them all if it’s in the budget, or at least keep a spare in the glovebox with a cheap 10mm ratchet or whatever else might be needed for a quick parking...
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    2011 Subaru Tribeca 3.6L

    I’ve got a co-worker who bought one for his wife when they started having kids. zero problems with it. That six is a really nice motor.
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    Foggy windows in the “old days” when most cars didn’t have AC.

    Drove our ‘57 everywhere when I was younger. It seemed to handle it better than a modern car with the compressor off. I’m really not sure how or why, but it naturally had so much more airflow… 5” (or so) floor ducts with 5” (or so) ducts up to the front would move a lot of air. The CFM on the...
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    Small TGDI engine warmup/heat?

    It takes a lot of amps on a 12V electrical system to put out any usable heat. 500W at 12V would only make dent in warmup temps, spread over the full cabin of the vehicle, and that’s 50 amps. I think you’d need 750-1kw to have any notable affect. my 1.8l gasser Subaru would cool back off if it...