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    Studs on winter tires

    When all is said and done, and you're driving home on the freeway in the dark, and that wet look on the road is really black ice, it might be nice to have studs on all four wheels. Twenty years of company cars in the northwest and I would never be without them!
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    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> But why the engine wouldn't rev, something is wrong. <hr /></blockquote> Could be hydrolock (oil in the cylinder(s) preventing compression). I'd run a compression test on this engine and check tailpipe emissions just to be sure.
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    New tires for my '00 GTI - Michelin?

    The Exaltos are great tires. Got mine at Costco. Check consumer reports and tire rack's reviews - top rated!
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    dealing with despair

    Advice I got years ago from a counselor - don't get so screwed up that your job is in danger. Losing your livelihood can put you over the edge. Get into new hobbies, do something you've always wanted to do that won't remind you of your pain. You've left the diving board, now start swimming!
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    Cleaning glass using newspaper?

    I use winter washer fluid (it has alcohol in it) and a microfiber towel. Costco has packs of yellow microfiber towels and they're great!
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    03 Subaru WRX Oil?

    Subaru is posting severe duty OCIs for their new turbo cars (3750 mi). I would never use a dino oil in a turbo engine. The WRX gets pretty hot under the hood.
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    Subaru pinging

    My '03 Forester pings while warm and going uphill. It is not a knock but is a light ping which is essentially harmless. Try some techron. Also, if it's a worry, going up one grade in gas octane will help
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    Bosch platinum opinions

    I use the BP4s in my '94 BMW R1100RS. This is a rather lean running engine, and can suffer the "lean surges" if not set up perfectly. The Bosch plugs cured the lean burn issues for me. The center electrode tip is flush with the ceramic insulator and the discharge path is along the surface of...
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    Paintless Dent Removal - Before and After Pics

    The dent is massaged out from the rear. A nylon punch is sometimes used to help compress the stretched sheetmetal by tapping it around the periphery of the dent on the outside. Modern flexible paint coatings make this technic possible. A proper repair is undetectable from new.
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    Tire Recommendation for '02 Accord

    If they come in your size, consider the Michelin Pilot Exalto. Top rated in Tire Rack's reviews as well as Consumer Reports. I'm running them on my Subaru Forester and they excel.
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    Cars you OWNED and Loved to drive

    1957 VW (oval window) with a Porsche 1600 cc (dual webers) engine. A real Q ship - total fun to drive. A 197? Olds Omega (aka Nova) with a 350 V8 and quad carb. Glorious exhaust and intake sounds and the last American hot-rod. An '03 Toyota MR-2. Impeccable handling and great fun to drive.
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    Anybody ever tried indexing your spark plugs?

    Mech tech2 - as seen in "Auto Inc." on line As mentioned earlier, the Vetronix Mastertech with Honda aftermarket software will give you IMA codes and functions. The DLC is located right of the center console near the heater core. No cover; just look hard. Honda uses its lean air/fuel (LAF)...
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    Anybody ever tried indexing your spark plugs?

    The Honda Insight (their first hybrid) has factory indexed plugs. Plugs have letter suffixes on the type number that are specific to each cylinder that will ensure indexing when plugs are correctly torqued.
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    synthetic might find a bad seal, but it certainly won't cause one. If you have a bad seal, replace it.
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    Michelin Exalto

    Bought a set at Costco for my Subaru Forester. Best price and service, and the tires themselves are excellent. Comments about balance weights are true. The weights on 3 rims are almost inconsequential, and one wheel didn't use any!
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    5000 mi OCIs because it is easy to remember 5K intervals (5000, 10000, 15000, etc.) 10K mi OCIs may be pushing it a bit for me.
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    Wisdom Teeth Removal- anesthetic type?

    Had three pulled using local. One tooth had to be split using a hammer and chisel and I was advised not to sneeze for a week or so because a root had gone into my sinus cavity and the opening had to heal. Would rather have been out (the sounds were the worst part), but it was painless 'till the...
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    Get it looked at! A white cell count is cheap and a good indicator. Mine ruptured when I was a kid and I was running a 107° fever when I entered surgery with a 50% chance to survive. That same year, a classmate died from her rupured appendix. You DO NOT wait it out!!
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    Why do European cars run heavier oil than us

    I once rode in a Renault van from Paris to Lyon and both speedometer and tach were buried. We were passing most cars.
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    Body de-toxing/cleansing

    Exercise regularly and cut down to 2000 calories per day by reducing the content of your evening meal.