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    Replaced 13 year old boat trailer bearings.

    I never repacked these bearings, just pumped more grease in the fittings when ever I felt like it. I replaced them after removing an outer one, cleaning it well and doing a visual inspection. There were lines on the rollers and it had a roughness when turned with some manual pressure on it...
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    Bought a NAPA gold today TERRIBLE threads

    As a machinist by trade I don't like the look of the threads on the Gold's myself. Mine have looked like a poorly produced single thread or an intentionly machined double thread. Some sealing threads are made to be sacrificial, (for single use only ). That would be correct here "IF" they are...
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    Rotella T 15-40 got dirty fast in my VL800

    arkainzeye.........The racing oil didn't bother me, probably a 20-50 wt. w/a heavy duty add pak. I think he said it way Valvoline. Titan.......Shifting is much improved now and it is a wet clutch. Thanks
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    Rotella T 15-40 got dirty fast in my VL800

    6300 miles on an 03 Suzuki VL800 805 cc w/c, 2200 mi oci and the Rotella is very dark in the sight glass after 100 miles. I had a 10-40GTX/ 10-30 Amsoil 3/1 mix in for the 2200 miles. P/O had a brand name racing oil in when I bought it. Should I be concerned about the dark color ?
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    Replaced 13 year old boat trailer bearings.

    Always lubed bearings w/Amsoil syn. grease. This trailer has fittings on the caps but are not the bearing buddy design. This one bleeds excess grease into the axle tube so the seals don't get pushed out. I purchased this trailer new and have used up 6+ sets of tires so it gets used pretty hard...
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    Fuel filter 03 Civic EX ????

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by Slick17601: <strong> I agree. I can't cost that much to add an accesible fuel filter. </strong><hr /></blockquote>But the big junk would still be in the tank filter.........
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    Quick Question for first oil analysis

    Blackstone website has your answers in a FAQ also. I saved 4oz. per their instructions while waiting for the kit.
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    Fuel filter 03 Civic EX ????

    Thanks Slick17601........As much as I respect the enginners at Honda this is not a good idea. My thinking is that as the filter gets clogged it finally kills the fuel pump. Oh well...
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    Rotella T 15/40 and NAPA Gold

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by Norm Olt: <strong> Should be just fine... Let us know how you like them. Feel better, now? Cheers! </strong><hr /></blockquote>I like it, good for my motor and shifting is much quieter. This was my 2nd change since buying the bike. Had 1 qt. Amsoil...
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    Amoils warning.

    Good one......thanks for the <img border="0" alt="[LOL!]" title="" src="/forums/graemlins/lol.gif" />
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    Fuel filter 03 Civic EX ????

    Filter books say it has one, but we couldn't find it, even with the car on the hoist.
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    Oil suggestions for a 2006 F-150 FX4

    <a href=";f=1;t=014359#000000" target="_blank">;f=1;t=014359#000000</a> <a href=";f=1;t=014402#000001"...
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    Rotor change

    ^ What he said.......except that I have turned a few sets just enough to remove rust from non use.
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    Happy St Pat's Day

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by tom slick: <strong> <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by Slick17601: <strong> Why does corned beef have nothing to do with corn? </strong><hr /></blockquote>pepper corns </strong> <hr /></blockquote>Nope, not pepper corns. It used to be cured...
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    Castrol GTX 5W30, 6800 Miles, 2005 Silverado 5.3 4x4

    Jeez.......Thats not what I wanted to hear today. I have an 05 Silverado 4x4 w/the 5.3 HO and I drive it hard. Plus tow a 2000# boat w/gear and passengers for extended periods. Any thoughts on what I can do to prolong the tranny's life on this rig. It has the HD towing package for whatever thats...
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    oil additive for noisy valve train

    Ditto on what trynew said. We have sent many, many travelers happily on their way for the cost of a qt. of ATF from a garage along I-80 in PA. Most of them just plain folk w/older cars who thought their engine was broken.
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    NAPA Gold a/filter....

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by 97tbird: <strong> I'd want to use a NAPA Gold in my wife's Elantra soon as the warranty runs out.(But the OEM Hyundai might be not bad, I don't know) The color is actually a reddish tone, not the Fram color...not really similar. (the photos...
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    Exxon 5W-20, 6400 miles, '02 Honda Si UOA #6

    My local Pep Boys has Exxon at .79 per after case rebate untill 3/25. The coupon pic shows 20-50 wt. though, don't know about other weights.
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    Exxon 5W-20, 6400 miles, '02 Honda Si UOA #6

    Thanks Cerbera LM, Your report gives me confidence in Exxon, 5-20 oils in general, and 5K OCI's in 4qt engines. I just yesterday put 5-20 GTX in my daughters new/used 03 Civic EX. Old dog / New tricks I guess. We never owned anything that called for 5-20 before.