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    Donaldson Powercore filter.

    Hello, as a fellow jeep owner, check out various jeep forums for the air filter recommendations, and there are alot of them, as they can give you some really good feedback on intake mods. Personally, unless you just want to hear a louder noise i would stay away and put that money towards other...
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    post your latest transmission lubricant change.

    My wife has a Nissan Juke, and I want to do everything to prolong its life. So, I bought a vacuum fluid pump to do the trans. It work great and did 2 different sessions of about 31/2 qts of Castol Cvt fluid. It smelled terrible, but seems much better now. i will do another round in the near future.
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    What Harbor freight tools do you give 5 stars?

    I don't post in here very often, but i bought the Holt Industries fluid extractor to do the drain and fills on some cars i have, and it worked great. There are others just like it on amazon, but with the 20 percent off coupon, it came out a little cheaper at the time.