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    95 Mercedes Benz C280

    I had thought about Maxlife because it does have a small oil leak somewhere. This is my first MB so I am in a big learning phase.
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    95 Mercedes Benz C280

    Maybe 10K yearly. Use a 15w-40 in a gas engine? Also, what about tranny and diff fluids? Thanks for the answers. PS-found some info where previous owners had used Castrol 20w-50.
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    95 Mercedes Benz C280

    Bought a C280 with 192K. What would be the preferred oil to use for 5K OCI? Mostly hwy miles.
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    How long can i go on maxlife in my truck?

    Hey Kool, I have been running Maxlife 10W-30 in my 89Toyota 4X4 (236K) for about the last 40K at 5K intervals. No problems so far. I tried Supertech HM this last time and so far at 3K its running great. Have you evr tried it. I may stick with it since I change oil about every two months. I also...
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    Supertech HM 10W-30

    Got the 5 qt jug at WM for $7.88. Thought I'd give it a try in my Toyota 4X4 with 233K. Wondered if anyone had used it and what was your opinion.
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    1995 Corolla

    It looks a little worse. 16 year old girl hit a parked car, not wearing seatbelts and she and her friend hit and shattered windshield. Thy are ok. Her father sold the car to a friend of mine. Looked for an oil filter today and it lists two different engines. Haven't picked up the car yet so I...
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    1995 Corolla

    She ran it hot plus it has alot of electrical issues. It was wrecked and she didn't have anyone check it out before she bought it. I bought a 91 Corolla DX today. It has minor front end damage (bumper and headlight) and needs a new windshield. It has 146K and runs great. Paid $600. May hang onto...
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    1995 Corolla

    Hi guys. I'm looking at a 95 Corolla for my stepdaughter; her 90 Accord finally died. It's a LX, auto with 152K on it for $2000. Have not driven it yet but the body seems to be in good shape. Wondered if anyone had owned one and what problems if any they had. Thanks for all replies.
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    Catalytic coverter stolen last night

    There were five stolen in my area in just the last week. This is the first time I have heard of this happening.
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    Are all/most 5W-20's a blend?

    Old subject I know but I have not seen a solid answer. I have narrowed my choices down to two; Motorcraft or Havoline. If they are both a blend then it won't matter-probably won't matter anyway since I do 3k OCI's. There are only pennies difference in price in my area and Walmart stocks both...
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    Sticky notes on comp screen.

    My wife works from home and is always sticking those sticky notes to the comp screen. I tell her that it's not a good idea but she doesn't believe me. Am I correct or not? She might believe an answer from you guys...
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    What's in your engines at the moment?

    Forgot one. 2004 John Deere L120 @ 150 hrs. Chevron Supreme with a Havoline filter. Going to Maxlife 10W-30 @ next change.
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    Penn Platinum users, what's your OCI?

    2001 Sentra 2.0---5K 2006 B2300-----Changing to PP at next O/C, 5K also. Stocked up at AAP.
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    What's in your engines at the moment?

    1989 Toyota 4 X 4-------230K Maxlife 10W-30 2001 Sentra SE 2.0---------55K PP 5W-30 2006 Mazda B2300--------17K Valvoline A/C 5W-20 Purolator and Motorcraft filters.
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    Best choice for a 1996 motorhome.

    My Dad and Mom bought a 96 motorhome with a 460 ci engine. It's a 29 footer with only 19K on it. Don't know anything about previous maintence. He changed the oil when he first got it and put Castrol Syntec 10W-30 in it. It's driven about every other weekend for anywhere from 50 to 200 miles...
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    Have you been ripped-off by a rebate?

    I've been bitten by Pep Boys too. I got the oil filter rebate, well half of what it was supposed to be. Got zip on the PP oil rebate. The cashier filled out my paper too. I think that is where the problem is; nest time if there is one I'll fill out the form myself. Always got every rebate when...
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    Best Small Truck...

    I bought an 06 Mazda B2300 because it was the cheapest truck ($10900) I could find. The 5 speed auto took a little getting used to but it has been a great truck for the past 7 months. It gets 25-26 mpg at an average 70-80 mph. So far no problems in 15,000 miles. Before this truck I drove a...
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    Oil Choices

    Thanks for the replies guys. I agree with you Al, it is a tough little engine. It runs just as quiet and smooth as the day we bought it. Only problem has been with the power window motor and regulator going out on the driver side. It will cruise all day at 80mph+ and doesn't use a drop of oil. I...
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    Oil Choices

    I have a 2001 Sentra 2.0 with 51,000 miles on it. Driven very little now as my wife is working from home. Currently has PP in it and seems to be doing great. Question is would Maxlife synthetic be a better choice for the limited miles driven (about 5K a year now) or is the PP going to be fine...
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    Castrol GTX vs. Halvoline...which is better dino?

    I have run both in a Toyota 4cyl 4x4 for alot of miles. Both did great.