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    Running 5w-40 oil in B58

    I thought edyvw did, but then I reread his post and see he said LL-01 and LL-04 whereas I thought he was saying LL-01 or LL-04.
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    Running 5w-40 oil in B58

    BMW 0w30 twin turbo (gasoline) has LL-01 FE approval.
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    Pennzoil Platinum Euro 0W-40 VOA

    The report says virgin pp euro 0w30 Hopefully stspinner can clarify on this.
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    When do you top off?

    I keep my 2009 MINI JCW between full and 1/4 qt below full as the timing chain and guides should last longer if I keep it near full.
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    Would you rather run a synthetic blend SP oil or SN rated synthetic?

    SN+ or SP both give good LSPI protection compared to SN, and SP gives good timing chain protection compared to SN and SN+. Both are important for my 2009 MINI JCW Clubman. Currently using up my SN+ and will change to SP with the next oil change in 2200 miles.
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    Ordered a jug of Maxlife 10w-40, received old SN+ jug, worth returning?

    SN+ will be fine. There isn’t a big difference between SN+ and SP anyway.
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    Store motor oil in water bottle?

    If you live in the Southeast, you can store it plastic trash bags, just like hoarded gasoline.
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    Any VOA requests?

    Pennzoil Platinum Euro 0w40 API SP would like to see difference from the SN+ version, which was posted several weeks ago.
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    [practical] difference between Penzoil Plat and Penzoil Plat euro

    But Ultra Platinum 0w40 is thicker than Euro Platinum (SN+ or SP depending on how recently it was made). Changing from another SN oil to Euro SN+ 0w40 stopped my super knock codes.
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    LSPI - Do we have the “Solution”, or it is still a project in the making?

    My super knock codes went away when I changed from SN to SN+ oil about a year ago. 2009 MINI JCW Clubman.
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    Pennzoil - Technology behind ‘Made From Natural Gas’ and Vehicle maintenance while driving less Q&A

    Question about euro 0w40. SN+ and SP versions have different tech specs listed for viscosity, etc., but the product number is the same for both. Are they different formulations or the same?
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    Redline and low speed pre ignition

    (N14) Mobil 1 0w40, Amsoil Euro 0w40 (both SN).
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    Redline and low speed pre ignition

    Lower octane than recommended can make LSPI worse.
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    Redline and low speed pre ignition

    93 octane. Always either top tier or ethanol free depending on whether I fill up near work or near home or on the road elsewhere
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    Redline and low speed pre ignition

    My 2009 MINI JCW Clubman (1.6l turbo) was throwing superknock codes a couple times a month on random cylinders until I changed to SN+ oil. Then it stopped happening.
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    LSPI questions

    I believe the Castro’s Edge Euro oils are all SN or SL rated. Something rated SP or SN+ would be better for preventing LSPI. The non-euro Edge full synthetic oils have this rating.
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    API SP 0w40 oils?

    PP Euro 0W40 is also now SP.
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    Sending brand new/unused fluid for analysis?

    The lab didn’t identify the gear oil based on the results, but I could tell that the dealer put in LT-3 instead of MTF94 on my first MINI and MTF94 instead of LT-4 on my second one based on the viscosity and the proportions of additives like Mg, Ca, Zn, etc. I couldn’t find any specs on the...
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    Sending brand new/unused fluid for analysis?

    I’ve done this when: 1 - I have doubts about what’s actually in a transaxle. and 2 - I can’t find specs on the fluid that’s supposed to be in there.