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    $30K to spend, what’s the best option?

    Why not buy a used Mazda6 with automatic transmission if you like it so much?
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    Royal Purple vs Competitors

    The ester content comes from their proprietary synerlec additive. Its rumored to be a sulfurized ester. Their XPR line has a boat load of synerlac hence why the price per quart is $17+. Their HPS line has a good amount of synerlec too. I was told by their tech line that XPR has 4 times more...
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    New Uniroyal Power Paw A/S

    I love Uniroyal's tiger paw line of tires. Great in wet and snowy weather.
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    What kind of oil do you use?

    Royal Purple XPR line of oils
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    Engine noise any indication of oil quality?

    Tenza Motorsports has a series of videos about RP. He started out using the API version of RP and then he took the valve cover off after 500 miles on RP and was surprised to see how much it cleaned in only 500 miles. He then started using the HPS line and eventually worked up to their XPR...
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    Engine noise any indication of oil quality?

    Me too. Also watch the RP series on youtube posted by Tenza Motorsports. It clearly shows the cleaning abilities of RP oil.
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    RP worth over the competition (Walmart Pricing)

    I've been using Royal Purple for over 10 years now. Love it. Go to youtube and search for "Tenza Motorsports" He used API approved Royal Purple in a BMW that had varnish and sludge and he was surprised how much cleaning RP did in just 500 miles.
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    GM ending Bolt Production this year

    Dave B sells Chevys on youtube won't be happy about this news. He loves his Bolt
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    Tesla model Y review

    I have the Tesla in my signature with premium audio and I also have a 2021 Lexus ES300h with Mark Levinson. The Mark Levinson in the lexus is WAY superior than the Tesla. Heck the Tesla's audio system is probably the worst I have heard of all the luxury cars I have owned.
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    "The Subaru WRX Proves Everyone Wrong About CVT Transmissions"

    The e-CVT in my lexus ES300h is fantastic. Maybe I am showing my age but the car just glides on the road. No fake shifts or anything like that. I for one love that there are no shift points.
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    BG MOA/EPR/44K regular vs hybrid

    I am a big fan of BG products and recently noticed that they now had a dedicated line for hybrid vehicles. So I wanted to know the differences between their regular vs hybrid line up and here is the reply I got from BG
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    MMO synthetic

    Not sure how much regular MMO costs but the guy in the video said it'll be around $13. Some people responded to his video that they've already seen this product at AutoZone .
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    MMO synthetic

    Just maybe someone on this board might find it useful.
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    MMO synthetic

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    MMO synthetic
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    Thickest or thinnest oil you have used in winter

    Royal Purple used to make it in their XPR line but they discontinued it because it's not a viscosity that SAE recognizes.
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    2021 Lexus ES300h FF Toyota oil for 10188 miles

    Second UOA. From August 2021 to September 2022. About 80% city driving. The oil is whatever bulk the dealership carries. New oil is Royal Purple XPR. 4qt 0w20 and 1qt 0w10 paired with Toyota 90915-YZZF2 oil filter.