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  1. mclasser

    Looking for an old thread on substiting brighter halogen bulbs

    I did the 9005-->9011 and 9006-->9012 swaps and have been happy. These are in low beam projector & reflector housings w/glare caps, so blinding traffic isn't an issue.
  2. mclasser

    New car still has vibration

    It's true that flat spotting can cause vibration but that usually goes away after some driving. Constant vibration may be from a defective tire (or two). Ask to speak to the service manager and politely but firmly tell him/her you didn't buy a new Benz only to have a jittery driving experience...
  3. mclasser

    P1457 on a Honda

    I think my Accord had that same code several years back. Luckily, a new gas cap from the dealer fixed it (old one had fine cracks on the gasket). If it isn't the cap and you don't want to pay a shop to possibly fire the parts cannon, you could just live with it. Does your state have inspections?
  4. mclasser

    Experiences buying tires at

    I once ordered four tires on their website to be shipped to the local TLE for installation. Three tires made it but the last one got lost in transit somehow. WM offered to ship another tire but it would take two weeks. I didn't have time to wait that long, as I had already waited two weeks for...
  5. mclasser

    Smoothest riding tire for Elantra

    Tagged this thread. The factory Kumhos on my Elantra only have 25k miles but are getting noisy.
  6. mclasser

    Royal Purple MAX EZ power steering fluid?

    I was in the DC area at the time with plenty of below freezing days.
  7. mclasser

    Royal Purple MAX EZ power steering fluid?

    I used it in an old car once. I remember it being pricey and no better than regular PSF.
  8. mclasser

    How to clean oily film off windshield?

    Wow, a lot of great suggestions ITT. Will go outside some point this weekend and report back on the results. Thanks, as always, fellas!
  9. mclasser

    How to clean oily film off windshield?

    Yup, I did clean the blades. We were visiting friends in the city and their building had offsite parking near a construction site. Whatever gunk was flying around in the air that week must've coated the glass.
  10. mclasser

    How to clean oily film off windshield?

    Hey guys, I've got this oily film on my windshield that's really apparent when running the wipers in the rain. I cleaned the glass with Stoner's glass cleaner and while this helped considerably, there's still some haze left. I'm thinking about trying an alcohol wipe down next to hopefully cut...
  11. mclasser

    Beam wipers vs "hybrid" wipers - what's the real difference? (specifically Bosch).

    I'm a fan of hybrid blades, with the Denso Designer and Trico TeflonShield being my favorites. All my cars are parked outside and these blades easily last a year in our four-season climate, whereas others crap out in less than six months
  12. mclasser

    07 TSX passenger vents AC blow colder than driver side - Why?

    Check the charge. The pass. side can blow colder when the charge is low since the evaporator is on that side.
  13. mclasser

    USA Hotel Chains

    I like the Hyatt chain (Place, House, Regency) myself.
  14. mclasser

    Toilet shopping - regular vs pressure-assist

    Another Update: I installed the new fill valve from Kohler and all is well again. Only difference is the the factory one had a yellow top while this one is red. I It also came with different colored flow restrictors. The factory one was black so that's the one I used. On a different note...
  15. mclasser

    VW wipers trashed after ~7 months.

    Like you said, could be el cheapo wipers put on at selling time but could also be embedded junk on the glass from the car sitting on the lot. My cars are all parked outside. If I don't clay & polish the windshield every 6 months to get the junk off, the wipers rarely last a year before...
  16. mclasser

    2006 Nissan Quest Ultra-Power suspension parts from RockAuto

    Get the made in Taiwan Beck/Arnley.
  17. mclasser

    Water hammer

    This is why I ask questions here. You guys have knowledge about all sorts of stuff :) Thank you!
  18. mclasser

    Water hammer

    I've had water hammer at my house ever since moving in a few years back. I hear it when using my master bath toilet & tub upstairs and the washing machine directly below on the main floor. I don't hear it when using the kitchen faucet or any other bathroom in the house. What can I do about...