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    If a light ain't broke...

    My rear running lights were out after the car sat in torrential rain for three months while I was back in the UK. Started on the LHS, and cleaned the corrosion off the bulb and bulb holder. No joy. Probing with a test light suggested an earth wire wasn't quite making contact inside the bulb...
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    Engine after sitting in humid environment

    Cars been standing for about three months, in very heavy rain (even for summer here) and high temperatures. I'd expect the high temperatures to maximise the oil drain-off from the valve gear, and the humidity to promote rust, so I had a look before I tried to start it. Oil is a roughly 1:1...
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    Leak Sealing and Mould Treatments?

    Cars leakiness hasn't really been a big issue previously since I used to park under the local raised railway line, but I recently started getting hefty fines and had to stop (This may be an unofficial "Get that heap of the street" thing, since other cars still park there, but there probably...
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    Halfords "Classic" Oil

    <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[524665b7bed0e1edc3]" href="" title=""><img src=""...
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    How damaging is a static flat?

    One of. The fronts has a slow leak. Was going to put it up on stands before leaving but monsoonal rain put me off. Will certainly be flat before I’m back in 2 months time. If this will kill the tyre I MIGHT be able to arrange something, but if it’s not very damaging I won’t bother.
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    Yesterday, hundreds of fingernail-sized frogs hopping west. Do they know something I don’t? Today, far fewer fingernail-sized frogs hopping east.
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    Odd Steering Squeek

    Car had been standing in torrential rain for about 10 days (I;ve lost my overhead cover) and when I took it for a long run it initially had a squeek apparently coming from the steering column at fairly extreme lock. Odd because it persisted at constant lock, so I suppose it isn't originating...
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    Diesel lube in Petrol Engine

    Oil prospecting. Was down by the swollen river to get some "ground truth" shots for a remote sensing module I'm trying to put together and I found this, perhaps deposited by the receeding flood. Was on its side oozing a slick into the river. Seems to still be about 2/3 full. <a...
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    Finally a use for shirt collar clips?

    The wee soft metal things that hold the collar of a new shirt to the carboard in the packaging. Always thought I should keep them but if I did I don't know where they are. Trying to improvise replacement turn indicators from old bicycle reflectors (at top in picture below) They might not notice...
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    Air Conditioning Condensate as Battery Topup?

    Definately aircon season here now, so unlimited quantities available. I intend using it for decoking, perhaps flushing the cooling system and maybe battery topup. Id guess there'll be some atmosperic dust in it (could filter it) and maybe some traces of copper and lead from the cooling coils...
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    Do Roaches Eat Oil Filters?

    They seem to have been chewing the box. The AC Delco one I have in storage has plastic film over the base which is tight-fitting and would keep them out, but the local brand filter has a rigid transparent lid which doesnt fit so well. been meaning to pre-oil them, and I suppose this might be...
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    Car stumbles and looses power

    Moving a washing machine to GF parents place. Fill up just before destination. GF tells them to put 92 in it. 95 is on the filler flap but that dropped off and is under the seat. I've put 92 in it without trouble in the past but I suspect it might now be a bit coked (runs on after switchoff) so...
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    Lonely Georgina

    Lonely Georgina is probably the last Tunnocks Teacake on the Isle of Formosa. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /></a> When she's gone, there are no more.
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    Very Basic Engine Question

    Torturing my Technology English class with a MidTerm mostly on the IC engine. I've given them this URL as reference for preparation, and will base some of the questions (probably mostly vocab gap fill) on a reworking of it . <a...
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    Deferring Windows Updates on Laptop

    Picture the scene. You have been working on your laptop, perhaps with not much battery life left, and have to be somewhere else. You go to shut down the machine, and it comes up with an apparently mandatory "making Windows even better" update. Leaving aside the vexed question of whether, in...
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    Brake Shoe Disposal?

    Looking for a spare pair of old brake shoes to reeplace my suspected brake-fluid contaminated pair, I found I'd also kept the pair that prompted the last replacement, which have detached linings. If I was in India I might be able to get a "brake shoe wallah" to glue them back on, but here I...
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    Difficult electrical connectors

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /></a> I can remember having trouble with these before, but not as bad as this. Maybe I'm getting more bad-tempered in my declining...
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    Coolant Leak

    Slow drip from where the pipe joins the elbow on the block. I think the pipe would be difficult to remove. Don't know how the joint is formed. Might be threaded or brazed. Not much loss of coolant yet but its a fair bet that it won't get any better. <a...
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    Low Noise Oil

    Not seen or heard of this "stealth" property being specifically advertised before, though it might have been. Niche market for private detectives, perhaps "As used by Phillip Marlowe"? Its a 5W50. Is there any property apart from the high temp viscosity that would contribute to noise reduction...
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    A Use for Skinny Oil?

    Finally? <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /></a> Supposed to be SL 5W/50. What will all that VII do long term in a brake cable? (Hopefully nothing.) I say supposed to...