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    Tires with different dates and country of origin

    Given my experience with Falken, I think you should return them based on that alone.
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    2005 Corolla with better body

    That's like a better looking upscale version of my '07 CE 5 speed! My brother regrets trading it to me, it's better than all the Nissan junk he has...
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    Auto parts store employee sadness

    It’s the “broken window” theory-starts with the small stuff, no traffic enforcement, petty theft, dealing, etc. Before long you end up with the South Side of Chicago…
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    Auto parts store employee sadness

    Starting to think the ME countries have the right idea, hand removal. I’m going to play devil’s advocate on this one-if the shoplifter(s) started the fight with the manager-then self-defense would be a slam dunk, IMO. He’s fired, for sure, but someone would hire him.
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    Too late to switch to 0W-30 in a 2008 Yaris?

    If it is a 1NZFE 1.5 like the xB in my sig, I would stick with 5W30. mine sheared 0W30 M1 AFE (a highly regarded synthetic) well into 20 weight territory by 7000 miles. M1 EP 5W30 was still OK at 10K. I think the VVT-i and chain, combined with the sub 4 quart sump, isn't a great combo...
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    7.3 Godzilla Oil Report - Freaking Out.

    I just saw this-if someone wants to blow ~$100K on a 6.7 PSD just to have it break a crank at 100K, or a 7.3 eat a cam & lifters young (which will require complete engine teardown/replacement, metal gets everywhere), good luck to them. Or maybe buy a fleet of 6.0 PSD cargo vans, Transit...
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    Worn rotor….

    Can't believe anyone actually drove it like that!
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    Enjoy this animation by my daughter

    Lots of Easter eggs in this one! Was pretty imaginative, though. Can't wait to see what she comes up with next!
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    Low-Mileage GM 3100 in 2023?

    That's what antique car insurance is for! At 25 years old (actually 26), it certainly qualifies! I would add, get that Dexcool out YESTERDAY if you buy it...
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    Just never, EVER cross rotate a 721-I was able to tear belts on FOUR tires in one day (back in the day, my '65 Impala SS)!
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    Accident tonight

    That's a whole 'nother can of worms, can't really touch this without violating RSP. Let's just say there's not much "work" being done!
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    Accident tonight

    You hit the nail on the head-here there’s a LARGE quantity of idjits careening around with NO plates whatsoever, making brain dead moves all over the place. Anybody who believes these fools have licenses or any insurance whatsoever needs their head examined…
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    Accident tonight

    That’s what public transportation is for! Or a bicycle, or their own two feet. Ohio has the right idea, they suspend the offender’s license until they pay for the damage they caused (or 2 years).
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    NAPA sale

    That’s literally about the only thing I buy for myself from NAPA, 7317 size Full filters.
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    2018 Toyota Corolla Oil Change Interval?

    Go a year or 7500, which ever comes first. Krown or Fluid Film the body, it will outlive us all!
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    Accident tonight

    "Turnips" don't have any blood...
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    Accident tonight

    Keep the car's value under $15K (UIM property damage max limit, for me), hope they can't get out & run away, and the car is "stolen". A common occurrence here in the Nasty 'Nati.
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    Multiple NAPA guys say they're "moving away" from Mann+Hummel??

    The only bad thing about AZ is they then "TAKE CARE OF" everyone else! I've been trying to convince them to give me a deal for years, just don't buy enough. (And the fact a lot of their parts are junk doesn't help!)
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    ProTec photos

    Adam-where do you guys get these from? They used to be NAPA Silvers & Pro Selects(?) Scary question is, what's on the inside... :sick:
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    What is the absolute best oil filter?

    As many have said before, now my turn-THE ONE THAT DOESN'T FAIL. Now, if you're going to go nuts & run a super long OCI, then the full synthetic ones-Fram Endurance/RP/Amsoil EaO, OG Ultra & Titanium (wire backed ONLY), lastly the lower efficiency Purolator Boss/NAPA Platinum/Wix XP. There's a...