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    Do The Math

    P#1 $15, pay attention to number of bags of fries in the pix. You do multiplications before additions.
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    Change your brake fluid

    I run Bosch ESI brake fluid, works great in several car brands and ages, ABS are happy too.. It gets replaced every 3 years.
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    New car for my wife.

    I'd also favor Mazda, they are lately somewhat integrated into Toyota brand and are very competitive with Toyota on features, quality and pricing. Personally, I'm looking forward to Mazda CX-70 intro in the near future, will be interesting to see how it's priced.
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    Why is rotella hated by some?

    I used to have 600cc Yamaha bike between 2005-2010, bought new, I recall using T6 15w-40 and it didn't use oil, rode it 6 months a year. Used same oil in my '97 2.sl0w Jetta too, very little oil use even at 375k km before I traded it in.
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    Mildew on caulk in shower

    Use 10-20% bleach/water, spray, let sit, spray, let sit, wash off. Do this every month. Kills black and red mildew.
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    How would you feel on the interstate being followed by a driverless autonomous tractor trailer

    When I taught my daughter to drive one thing I emphasized on - you cannot control distance to the idiot behind you, let them pass you if they are too aggressive or too close and in a hurry.
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    Parking Ticket - Case Dismissed!

    Phone and app use should not be mandatory as not everyone has a cell phone or a 'smart' one. Imho, if they want you to use call phone and app - they must provide you with a phone with app.
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    Russian Sub w/ Ukrainian porthole

    Russian objective, and they openly admitted it long ago, is to de nazify and to de militarize Ukraine. As long as Ukraine is throwing troops into meat grinder Russia is winning. Russians gave strong and last warning to NATO to back off in December, they didn't advance till Feb. With Ukrainian...
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    Russian Sub w/ Ukrainian porthole

    The sub was reportedly hit by Storm Shadow - a UK supplied cruise missile. UK also supplies them with sea drones. As far as personnel loses, I understand UA lost between 500k and 1M including personnel unable to return to service, not just dead. Russia may have lost about 1/6th of that, that's...
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    Where are you purchasing Honda genuine filters?

    I never bothered with Honda filters, just keep getting Bosch Premium for daughter's Acura, good filters. Same with Kia, just using Mann filters, same thing but in black color.
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    Mobil 1 ESP 5w-30 - Canadian Tire

    The oil is on sale for C$40.99 (C$34 off) for a 4.73L jug, Mobil has online promotion at this time for a C$10 per jug, up to 2 jugs.
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    RGT & QSUP

    I think OP was asking whether QSUP is what RGT used to be out of curiosity.
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    Alternative methods to fight inflation

    Imho, when prices go way up average Joe cannot afford as much thus buying less and less. You most likely noticed how empty malls are and many closed all together. Increasing production of consumer goods does little as prices are still high, if they cannot sell product they produce what's gonna...
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    Best option for oil and filter 2022 Kia Seltos EX (heavy usage)? Inline 4 base AWD model no turbo. 0W-20 oil

    What you can do is to get oil analyzed as you go say every 2k miles to see how bad fuel dilution is and what oil viscosity it's at that point. It's possible that dilution will make oil dangerously thin within first 2k miles on fresh oil. A little thicker oil cannot hurt engine, while thinner...
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    Best option for oil and filter 2022 Kia Seltos EX (heavy usage)? Inline 4 base AWD model no turbo. 0W-20 oil

    If it were me, I'd use VW 504/507 or ACEA C2/C3 certified oil and either OEM or Mann filter, with 4k miles OCIs.
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    Gumout Regane size email

    ^ fairly poorly written email.
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    Gumout Regane size email

    Regane HM: Regane Complete: my guess is concentration is different, no benefit of getting 12oz bottle.
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    Is there a list of ACEA A3 or A5 approved oils anywhere?

    What will your Subi and friends' Civics actually benefit from when using A5 oil over C3? I see C3 oil as superior to A5 in those cars.