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    Do any of you save and reuse your short OCI oil?

    According to the manual it's fine... I wouldn't reuse it in any of my vehicles. Thats just me. But I'd use it in my moms oil burning E150 as top up.
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    00 Ford Ranger - 9000mi - M1 EP 5w30

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">&nbsp;Originally Posted By: Drew99GT</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> Thankfully, Bar's has a new product that you just add and drive. No complicated steps like the previous product. Add it...
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    00 Ford Ranger - 9000mi - M1 EP 5w30

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">&nbsp;Originally Posted By: Travis99LS1</div><div class="ubbcode-body">i dont see how it would cost you a 1000 bucks to put headgaskets on it yourself...if it does your overpaying for everything you need.</div></div> I think that was a typo...
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    00 Ford Ranger - 9000mi - M1 EP 5w30

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">&nbsp;Originally Posted By: TeeDub</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Coolant is leaking into the combustion chambers and most of it is burning off - thats the good news. Coolant that combines chemically with oil does not test out as raw...
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    00 Ford Ranger - 9000mi - M1 EP 5w30

    I don't think the 3.0's have gasket issues, some do but it isn't like a GM kind of thing. My truck pings, not as bad as it did before I changed the thermostat, but still noticeable. I think this caused the failure I have right now. I spoke with my dad about this briefly and I might have him...
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    00 Ford Ranger - 9000mi - M1 EP 5w30

    Well, I am not going to pay to replace the head gasket. I'll wait until it completely fails, then I might have it fixed, or I will just swap the engine. .23% in 9000miles a lot? I understand the wear is 5 times what it should be(for a 9k run), but had I went only 5000 miles would it of been so...
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    00 Ford Ranger - 9000mi - M1 EP 5w30

    <img src="" alt="" /> It's bad I know. I'm unsure what is leaking though. I almost never have to add antifreeze, except occasionally(Every several months) after high speed driving, A few days later it would be low. It does not...
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    08 Forester 2.5 X, 9700 Miles, SuperTech 5W-30

    Well I wish I had seen this report sooner, I would have used this oil in place of the Valvoline Synpower I purchased, and saved around 5-$7. Oh well, maybe in 9k miles or so, depending on my UOA results for my first extended run.
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    Oil change after -nearly- overheating?

    Well, I changed the oil. I'll be doing a 10k OCI with the M1 5w30EP. I can hear the engine grinding already, all that iron, oh noes! lol. A few ppm above other oils, but below universal averages is fine with me. I will most likely do an oil analysis at that time.
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    Oil change after -nearly- overheating?

    Not entirely true. Small stainless steel pot on high. A lot did boil off, but I have a thermometer and at 215 for 3-4min the thermostat did not budge. Its possible the thermometer I used is off by a few degrees, in any event the water was boiling and the thermostat was shot.
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    Maximum Oil Temperatures?

    He should not be towing such a heavy load with an agressive tune, he'll end up blowing a haeadgasket before long.
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    Amsoil 5w30 HDD s3k (14k on oil) Mistubishi 4G64

    UA average is 3 for aluminum, yours is 6 at 4x the mileage and they are saying it is high? Interesting.
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    Oil change after -nearly- overheating?

    I have used 5w<b>20</b> EP in this before with no more actual drive train noise. I may trade it for some PP, we'll see. Still want an opinion on actually changing it.
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    Oil change after -nearly- overheating?

    I was wondering if I should change my oil 3k miles sooner than I would(4000 or so on syntec 0w30) after nearly overheating once on the interstate and most likely higher than normal coolant temperatures throughout the OCI, along with pinging. Story below: The reason I came to near overheating was...
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    Almost time for winter changeover

    10w30 Shell ROTELLA T hdeo is available at most Wal-mart stores. Usually in a gallon jug or by the quart. Might look there if you havent. You could mix in a quart and a half, or two, with the 5w30,(depending on your capacity, preferabely 2->1 ratio 5w30->15w40) I wouldn't add any additives...
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    Who's tried Autolite Iridium Spark plugs?

    I understand this thread is old, but I thought I would show a pic to clarify that the autolite XP's do in fact have a platinum pad. So if someone does a search, the info in this thread is complete. They should last quite some time. Do note that the conductor is iridium enhanced, not 100%...
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    Bosch Super Plus

    Btw, I was thinking of trying them in my ranger, but decided to go with the autolite XP's because they have a $1.50 per plug rebate on them. They should work fine for you, let us know if you get them, and how they do.
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    Bosch Super Plus

    Easiest way to get info without people telling you bosch suck would of been to go to their website. They are Yttrium enhanced copper plugs. They should have less gap erosion. You guys need to understand he was speaking of their copper plugs, everybody knows their platinum plugs generally run...
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    Novice question on greasing zerk fittings on drive

    I'm not sure if I understand you right, but autozone sells flexible hoses for grease guns. I bought a grease gun, and hose, and switched out the steel extension with the hose and was able to grease all the Ball-Joints on my ranger. 16 bucks for the gun and hose.. Cheap considering the price to...