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    Ever survive a layoff?

    being in the building construction industry layoffs are common!!! be prepared + keep a cushion $$$ + DONT overspend on things you DONT really need aka OVERPRICED vehicles + elaborate housing!! things have surely changed thou as the BASICS are costlier than ever + anything you have the time +...
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    Advance Auto Promo Code 20% off 35 + Order

    just like the up to 50% but proll lots less + some exclusions- things that sell well!! higher prices everywhere!! iwas surprised today a quality eye supplement from Jarrow formerly @ $50 everywhere BUT $32 @ all star health + their ZMA is out of stock as is common!! because they price fairly!!
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    School Lunches

    modern foods as a whole are poor compared to the old days!! carried a lunch to school but living with my granny + aunt after mom passed i got great home cooked meals + goodies BUT being so good i over ate + was 178# at 12 YO but girls + poor navy slop got me trimmed down! todays foods are quite...
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    Just had some Mohave CUV tires installed on our ‘22 Crosstrek

    with big names come big $$$ so trying off the wall tires is worth it. got my first set of Kumhos waiting as they were $100 less than the cooper snow tires currently in use + as noted time will tell!!
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    Home Depot Refrigerator Delivery

    i waited almost 2 wks living out of coolers in the summer + still no frig from home depot so for a few more bucks i bought from a somewhat local seller + they delivered the next day + service what they sell!! NO MORE BIG BOX appliances!! girlfriends friend just ordered + frig last week + got a...
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    another electronics issue with whirlpool front loader

    girlfriends similar newer model only lasted 6 yrs $500 for new control board, only a load weekly! mine an older one just croaked after 16 yrs but only a load weekly!! newer front loaders are $$$$ so i opted to KISS keep it simple stupid, a cheaper top loader with few electronics.
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    Google's new Privacy Sandbox

    been seeing the "sandbox" when clearing history + wondering + now i kinda know!
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    Unwanted onscreen McAfee Anti-Virus notifications

    i went into the registry BUT something is stopping deleting McAfee, i have removed junk in the past that way when i am SURE what i am dumping!!
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    Tire suggestions for 2010 Nissan Frontier SE 265/70/R16

    be aware electronically processed ONLY rebate, BUT tire rack customer service took care of that + a big thanks to then as an $80 rebate is not something to waste!!
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    Adding a gas level gauge

    looking for a link for the float-gas cap style, i can see into my CC30H tank but hard to tell where its at!!
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    Put my money where my mouth is and finally bought an Armada!

    nice ride IF you really need something that BIG. i love my preowned lo mile 11 frontier i got before the price gouging!! thought 18 thou was high for a several year old 20 thou SV king cab with a 6 spd manual i wanted BUT its a bargain today as price gouging is rampant!! only thing is the wide...
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    Truck update

    my insurance Erie treated me right giving me more than the current selling price for my 08 lo mile colorado a few years ago + i found a manual Frontier King CAB SV 18 preowned with about 20 thou on it to replace it that i love!! actually similar mpgs with a more powerful V-6 compared to the...
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    TRIndustrial 300 parts

    got the electric TRIndustrial 300 demo hammer a few years back from Amazon that served me well removing stone + concrete, fast forward i wanted to change the bit that was a pain but got it out + proceeded with the wider bit BUT the front section that retains bit came apart in use. i "think" i...
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    tire rack great customer service

    a big thanks to River @ tire rack customer service for helping-actually submitting the electronic rebate for my recent kumho tire purchase. never before did i encounter a rebate that could be ONLY filed electronically!!! so buyer BEWARE unless you buy from someone like tire rack willing to help...
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    BITOG oil knowledge assisted with a client this week!

    i am quick to give MY opinion on many things from reading + learning BUT its the persons decision to believe or not what i or anyone says!!
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    Something New Now Ebay is doing! {We automatically charged your PayPal account for this purchase}

    they will get less business from me + i DO NOT like pay pal unless really necessary for something i really want + cant buy elsewhere!!
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    FB forums are almost all censored nowadays?

    censorship is at an ALL time high!! anything big $$$ dont want you to know gets censored IMO. censoring is higher if it can cost sales + even giving your opinion from something you read that MAY help someone with issues especially health is rarely allowed. i read a lot on line about health BUT I...
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    DirecTV/Nexstar dispute

    i might add that my local cable SECTV WONT give you basic cable alone + requires added internet $$$ how is this legal!! big money runs the country + they get away with overcharging, wheres the FAIRNESS!!
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    Getting rid of Windows 11

    i just surf + read articles, mostly health + mechanical + for ME everything since W-7 was a downgrade!! BUT i must thank members touting SSD's my new dell has its faster even with the slowest economical DSL i have!!
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    KIA Rio + Mitsubishi Mirage get the boot ...

    many decent sized sedans are fairly priced UNLESS you load them with unnecessary "trinkets". girlfriends roomy 18 0ptima gets 35 plus on highway + mid 20 locally depending on where she drives + its peppy + used NO oil