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    What are you running in your 7.3 Powerstroke?

    I now have a 2011 Ram 3500 with the Cummins 6.7 and run Shell Rotella T6 5w40 synthetic , no issues. I used to own a 2002 F350 with the very reliable 7.3 (Made for Ford by International). Due to issues with body rust a few years back, I had to get rid of the F350. It was a great truck, no issues...
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    Volvoline 5w30 MaxLife

    Triple Se7en. Point well taken, but I do not bielieve there can be any large issues of concern as long as the correct viscosites are adhered to.
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    Volvoline 5w30 MaxLife

    Thanks Jimmy, who knows maybe one day I may try the Valvoline Blue 15w40 in my Powerstroke 7.3 diesel.
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    Volvoline 5w30 MaxLife

    Decided to go with the Valvoline MaxLife for the up-coming oil change on the wife's 1998 Infinity QX4 with 92,000 on the clock. I've never tried any Valvoline oils before, but figured this will be a good choice. I was looking at the Valvoline web site, they have a interesting offer. Free...
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    Ford familly need brand oils question.

    Not pushing any one decent brand, but WM in my area has the Motorcraft oils for 2.32 per quart.The good part is thier 5w20,5w30 and 10w30 oils are synthetic blend. In fact, thier oils are made by Conoco-Phillips using the hydrocracking process. The bottom line is most of your brand name oils...
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    Castrol Dino or Pennzoil Dino

    <b> </b> I know both are execellent dino oils 5w30/10w30 but which oil would you guys recommend Pennzoil or Castrol? Thanks Ruby
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    Changing oil brands at 160k

    I have also read about the "Rotella smell" from some Rotella users. I've used Rotella 15w40 for a while now in my 2002 F350 7.3 Powerstroke. When I was getting ready to pour the Rotella into my engine's oil fill, I smelled the jug and the Rotella did have a weird smell to it. The MC never had...
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    RotellaT 5w40 Syn, Changed? & Syn Oil Leak

    Interesting posts regarding Rotella T 5w40. I use the Rotella T 15w40 dino oil in my 2002 7.3 Powerstroke. I plan on trying the Rotella 5w40 during next winter's oil change. I keep reading where other PSD owners say thier trucks run better on this oil during start up. Makes sense, as it is a...
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    CJ-4 Castrol Tection?

    I was at the Carlisle Truck show a couple of years back and saw a Castrol truck/display there. I was talking with the rep and he asked what kind of truck I owned. I told him I had a 2002 Powerstroke 7.3 He stated Castrol wanted Tection to become the factory fill with Ford Diesel trucks. I don't...
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    Advance auto strikes again

    A while back, I went to AA to buy some Rotella T for an oil change in my Powerstroke. I asked the counter person since I'm buying the 4-1 gallon jugs to do my oil change, will they take my 15 quarts of used oil after the oil change? The counter person stated they can only take 5 quarts per...
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    5w-40 in 6.0?

    Toy 4x4runner I checked with a Ford dealer in my area about the new MC 5w40. They said it was $4.23 per quart. I was just courious about the price. I haven't read any posts of anyone using this oil, but I'm sure it is a decent oil. Good Luck Ruby
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    Motorcraft 15w-40

    Hello Guys Toy4x4Runner I have been using Rotella T 15w40 for some time now, my 7.3 PSD seems to like it. Nothing wrong with the MC 15w40 made by Conoco-Phillips for Ford. I have used that as well with no issues. My biggest problem with the MC 15w40, too hard to find in the jug size. Got tired...
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    Best 15 W 40 Diesel Oil

    Stroker444 I saw your post regarding Delvac. I have a 2002 F350 PSD 7.3 and it will use 1-2 quarts between changes on the Rotella T 15w40. Although I think the Rotella T 15w40 is a decent oil, the Delvac sounds interesting with no useage between your 5000 OCI. Are you running the Delvac 15w40...
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    Fram... TOUGH GUARD

    I used to use the TG on Nissan 4x4 truck years ago before buying a Ford Superduty diesel. Decent filter for the money.Wife has a 1998 Infinity QX4 4x4 (Upgraded Nissan Pathfinder) which I use the WM Supertech oil filter. This is also a well made filter at a low cost. I was surprised at the...
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    I have never used Valvoline in my vehicles. Although, I would not hesitate. It's been around and proven a long time. As for the WM Supertech oil filters, I do use this oil filter on the wife's 1998 Infinity QX4 4x4 (which is a upper end Nissan Pathfinder). Her vehicle takes the Supertech #7317...
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    Is Union 76 5w-20 equal to Motorcraft 5w-20?

    I have always heard this too is a decent oil. I have never tried it, but would not have any hesitation in doing so. I recently changed the oil in the wife's 1998 Infinity QX4 4x4 using the MC 5w30 synthetic blend purchased at WM 2.32 per quart. I thought this was a great price on the MC oil. I...
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    MC 5w30 Syn Blend

    No UOA needed, I change oil and oil filter every 3 months or 3000 miles mostly highway driving.