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    Corolla and CVT?

    i had an ex-hertz 2004 toyota corolla le from 24k to 103k happy miles. i rented a recent cvt corolla; toyota managed to give a reliably unchallenging economy car an insipidly soulless driving feel. if i could more comfortably fit behind its steering wheel, and the dealership was nearby and...
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    2023 Mazda 3 rental review - loved it.

    after much research my engineer/pilot, older son decided on a low-mileage, ex-loaner, 2021, cpo, mazda 3 sedan in 2021. he relocated from n.e. to socal in 2022. the m3 is absolutely fine except that he notices its slightly lower mpg at socal gas prices. i drove it a bit in n.e., very...
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    Help me plan a strategy for a neglected Kia

    i am serious. how a prospective wife takes responsible care of herself and her stuff is important to note. we all know that love is blind but a car is a lifeline in america; if it is neglected then what else is neglected that should be more readily apparent? don’t we offer to check a car...
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    Help me plan a strategy for a neglected Kia

    absolutely no rudeness intended, but this issue never came up before tying the knot? the neglected kia obviously needs a good going over: brakes, tires, all fluids, spark plugs, filters… o.p. is doing what a good husband does. i just hope that there are no other surprises.
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    4 Year Review VW Passat

    my 2013 vw passat s has been really fine. bought it in 2014 as cpo with 7500 miles, now at 115,000. 25mpg suburbs, 35mpg highway. vw should have kept its 2.5 five cylinder in every model. my brother made me an offer that i couldn’t refuse for his soon-to-be driving twin kids. so i am...
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    Where is my CD player ??

    sadly, even aux-in jacks are going away.
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    Douglas and kelly

    douglas (kelly) versus kumho from walmart. at various times ive had both brands. without knowing the intended vehicle, location of use or tire size i would choose kumho. e.g. for size 205 55 r16: kelly is $68, 500ab, 9/32m, h; kumho is $69.60, 500aa, 11/32, w. both have 50k mile warranty.
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    Volkswagen Beetle. A classic car on a budget?

    a childhood friend’s summer job in high school was buying 2-3 junked vw beetles in the spring and making one good one to sell in august. way better than picking vegetables or washing dishes. he started doing so before he had a driving license. the modern world needs more simple vehicles.
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    when there is no vw 508…

    thanks guys. oil was 1/3 below full line on dipstick, cold. we were traveling fully loaded in a very hot summer. i like all my fluids at 100% full mark. i almost got the pennzoil euro l, but noticed it was sn and 5w30; i thought it better to get sp and 0w20, which led me to p.p. i don’t...
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    Hertz rental with over 100,000 miles?

    i bought two ex-hertz rentals. i did extensive test drives and saw maintenance records, picking the best on the lot. both of mine were western state, non-snowbelt cars so lots of highway miles and no rust. #1. 2004 toyota corolla le in 2006 at 24,000 miles. drove it to 103,000 miles all over...
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    when there is no vw 508…

    i helped my son drive his 2021 vw tiguan s fwd to dc after his two month temporary assignment in texas this summer, very busy, with alot of driving there. he changed oil before trip to texas at vw dealer a bit early at 8000 miles. just when leaving texas i noticed oil was down about 1/3 qt. i...
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    M16A2 Combat Rifle

    i qualified on the m14 and m16 in 1972. my choice to shoot: m14, to carry: m16.
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    Mazda3 or Volvo S40?

    i had a new 1993 volvo 245 until 2006. body integrity remained strong but otherwise, trust me on this, you don’t want an aged volvo as a simple, reliable, daily driver, unless you love to spend your free time and disposable money constantly fixing it.
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    Taught some friends to shoot.

    glock arguments+out of battery worries+handgun newbie=revolver.
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    Military Draft

    my grandparents on both sides were legal immigrants. from them, male and female, to my father and uncles, to me, to my two sons, some of every generation served, all volunteered. two didn’t return, five returned damaged in some measure. national service, universal or by lottery, without...
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    Taught some friends to shoot.

    put aside the merits or not of glocks for a moment. it is most telling that the two fallback handguns in this tale were old school and rugers: a mark3 22lr semiauto pistol and a sp101 357/38 (?) revolver. a decent 22lr pistol and a 38sp revolver are where most newbies ought to start (and...
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    local is always better. these guys ship.
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    johnsonville is to sausage as dominos is to pizza.
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    vioc and vw

    is anyone happily using vioc for vw- (or other euro-) spec oil changes? my vw dealership has doubled its price, takes two hours (overbooking appointments). i can get vioc faster at a very decent price with coupons. finding an indy spot here is trouble, i tried it once. thanks.
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    Goodyear's reputation

    in the early to mid 2000s i put two successive sets of walmart gy viva tires on a trusty ex-hertz 2004 toyota corolla le that i literally drove across the usa and then in eastern canada and the eastern u.s. for what i paid they did rather well in all kinds of weather and traffic, but i’m a...