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    Federal Mandate on Oxygenated Chemicals in Gasoline

    Oxygenation and detergent are different things.(some chemicals could perform double duty I suppose) I think at the end of the day I will just need to ask the gas station selling Rec-90, if I ever find one. It may be a generic term that varies from region to region. And until then just warn...
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    Federal Mandate on Oxygenated Chemicals in Gasoline

    Is Rec-90 just a marketing slang term or does it imply a specific sort of formula? Saying "Non-ethanol" is mostly marketing as it does equal saying non-oxygenated. While switching oxygenates away from alcohol will reduce moisture absorption it does very little to extend dry storage life...
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    tetraethyl lead additive

    Lead has always been allowed for off highway use, but most fuel is sold for on highway use and so most off highway machines are designed for unleaded as a user convenience further reducing the use of leaded fuel. Racing fuel is a pretty minor case and aviation gasoline is something less than...
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    Which fluid should I use?

    I have an '07 Focus shop manual, the procedure to fully change fluid is disconnect the cooler return line, it has a disconnect coupler, and add a bit of extra hose to make life easy. Then start the engine let it idle for around a minute to pump out a measured 3 quarts/liters(into a marked...
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    Cowling open on takeoff

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote</div><div class="ubbcode-body">cowl latches now have prox sensors</div></div> There is a lot about Airbuses that is poor foundation covered over by slapping on ever more electronic bandages, to the point the bandages need bandages. The...
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    Do modern oils clean Piston Rings?

    It depends on the contaminant, different fuels have different byproducts which require different oil formulations to deal with. eg Oil intended for high sulfur diesel will coke up the whole engine and turbo if you suddenly switch to a low sulfur fuel. And the coke in this case isn't actually...
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    Boost - WWII Fighter engines

    The P51 had a peak manifold pressure of 70-73 inches late in the war, this is over two atmospheres. The P47 was similar but usually just a few inches less partly due to being air cooled. And yes they regularly ran in excess of sealevel pressure while in steady flight. The reason for two speed...
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    20w50 north of Fairbanks Alaska??

    Small planes run 2000-2700RPM. The general aviation(piston planes) market is currently very small and so you get one grade of gas [100LL] and only 3 brands of oil approved for leaded fuel aviation engines and each only makes sae 40 50 and maybe 30 or 60 straight weights and one multi-viscosity...
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    Avgas 100/130 sellers?

    First I don't think any refineries bother to make regular batches of green 100/130 anymore (nor Red 80/87 or purple 115/145) Blue 100LL is all the market will support, between nitwit judges over applying strict liability doctrine and the typical bureaucratic bumbling of the FAA, general aviation...
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    Valvoline DOT 3/4 "synthetic brake fluid? Possible

    DOT 3 has a maximum cold(-40c) viscosity of 1500cSt. DOT4 a maximum of 1800cSt. DOT5.1 has a maximum cold viscosity of 900cSt. All 3, 4, and 5.1 have a minimum hot(100c) viscosity of 1.5cSt So a brake fluid that meets DOT4 minimum boiling temperatures and is under 1500cSt at -40c can meet both...
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    WS in place of T-IV?

    (lubedude)which one? <a href="" target="_blank"></a> (voltmaster)Redline and amsoil are the same price.
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    WS in place of T-IV?

    Being that: From what I can tell mainstream ATFs tend to come in thick and thin, most designed for nice smooth shifting, and type-F which has a more positive shift (often used as a cheap racing atf for this reason, also revived my old slipping beater th-350[specd for dex2/3] for many miles) Now...