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    can't believe a plumber hooked up 2 hots to a washer

    I know a plumber that intentionally connected hot water to the toilet because the main contractor was not paying the plumber as agreed. Plumber was getting even. I imagine this is not uncommon?
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    Tire Selection for 22 WRX

    It is neat to see you drive your Sportwagen like a Sportwagen! Thanks for sharing!
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    Valvoline CVT document question

    I had a conversation with Trav about Valvoline Maxlife ATF claiming to be compatible with nearly every automatic transmission known to man. I would be more comfortable using a specific fluid for the transmission in use. Use caution with asterisks and the fine print..
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    Visiting home nurses

    My father in law started having a visiting nurse come by in July. A nurse comes by about twice a week. She has been a real help. The nurse that comes by is wonderful! I hope I am as lucky when my time for needing a visiting nurse comes. They are truly very special people.
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    Volkswagen Beetle. A classic car on a budget?

    Hi Trav, I am trying to reach you from the members section, but in the members section I cannot reach you. I have a question about your Subaru.
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    New tool thread

    This thread has put me onto a lot of really good tools. I find great satisfaction in finding great tools at more reasonable prices. I recently bought some Vessel JIS cross point screwdrivers and like them very much.
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    Favorite Aircraft

    That is a timeless classic! I got a chance to fly a Staggerwing once. In flight, the flight control feels reminds me very much of a Bonanza. I found out in 2019 when talking to a recently retired Beechcraft engineer that there is a document describing how the controls should feel/respond in all...
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    If BITOG were to form a rock/metal band then what would it be called?

    Oil for the masses. Bob will oil your world would be a song title.
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    shell rotella

    Yes, I use Shell Rotella 15W40 in the Ford 351W in my boat. It seems to work well. I use Rotella in almost all the cars, trucks, lawn mowers. The only exception is the Subaru in the winter. It's too cold for 15W40 in the winter without pre-heat.
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    Can you spot the safety violation?

    Funny! I was thinking the same thing..
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    Are the days of the 10k OCI over with?

    I completely overlooked direct injected engines. If I had a car that had direct injection, I wouldn’t try extended OCI’s myself. Thanks for pointing that out.
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    Are the days of the 10k OCI over with?

    At the other end of the spectrum, there is Wwilson's extended OCI's with High Performance Lubricants. I think he has gone to at least 25K miles on more than once occasion and has provided some interesting data/UOA's. I would like to see a teardown of Wwilson's engine at the end of it's life...
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    Diesel additives for DPF/EGR longevity

    I use Amalgamated TDR additive for my 2003 Dodge Cummins pickup. I have found Amalgamated as a diesel only additive company that responds directly to questions when asked. I would be interested in better combustion to reduce the ash load that the DPF would have to deal with. Good maintenance...
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    Hit a submerged tree with my boat yesterday

    I have noticed a lot of larger debris in our local lake from the large amount of rain and high lake levels. I dread hitting something that I can’t see. Glad you’re okay though.
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    Sumitomo Ice Edge - First Snow and Small Review

    Wife and I finished two seasons on Sumitomo Ice Edge winter tires on her 2008 Subaru Outback. The Sumitomos replaced a set of Michelin XI3 winter tires. The Sumitomos are not as quiet and refined as the XI3’s, but they have good traction on snow and almost as good on ice. We got 5 seasons of...
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    Bad employers

    Boy, that is the truth! All of the red tape and the federal employees go on vacation when deadlines are approaching.
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    Bosch dishwasher - leak from lower door seal - solved

    Thank you for sharing the fix for your dish washer. So far, I have had mild success with trying to weld plastic. It sure beats calling out a repair person or replacing the whole dishwasher.
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    Motorcraft FL-820S - HPL - Cut Open Pics - 2006 Grand Marquis

    I am not sure. I can do some oil changes for some neighbors and friends to speed up the process. I’m guessing that I will be ready for ordering oil in about 2 years. I have already tried HPL in the Toyota Pickup, Subaru Outback and Mazda Miata. My Dodge Cummins and Kubota tractor and lawnmowers...
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    Motorcraft FL-820S - HPL - Cut Open Pics - 2006 Grand Marquis

    Those are nice photos. Very well lit and clear. I am running all the oil that I’ve bought on sale over the years and am looking forward to switching to HPL Lubricants. I still have about 45 gallons in my stash though..