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    Is it less civil on BITOG, or is it just me?

    I have to agree. I rarely post any longer, but do read a number of the posts. The constant bickering, rehashing the "domestic vs. import" argument and constant Pablo references to bodily functions and excrement get old real fast. It's a decidedly different place than it was 2-3 years ago...
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    Mattress Set

    About 3 years ago we searched mattresses extensively when we decided it was time to get rid of our current bed. I spent about a month trying to decide which one would be the best for both of us, since it all boils down to comfort and a good nights sleep. I couldn't find a mattress that both my...
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    GM On the Rise

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> ^^^What did I say that wasn't true? <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> <hr /></blockquote> The most intelligent rebuttal to the post you can come up with involves an insult to a member and boogers? It should be pretty clear with whom the...
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    GM On the Rise

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> I wrench so I KNOW. <hr /></blockquote> Yep, looks like it! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" /> <hr /></blockquote> The only thing he wrenches is boogers out of his teenage nose. <img...
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    How good is your oil in the cold?

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> Uh oh. New GFS is out. I hope this doesn't pan out for you folks in Iowa. THAT is freakin cold! <img src=""> <hr /></blockquote> Nothing we haven't seen before and nothing to get excited about. Elwin Taylor...
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    Reccomendation Please...

    I tried 15W40 in my 1992 300ZX and wasn't happy with the performance. I could tell a difference-it didn't have the pep that it does with Amsoil 5W30 (which I now use). Although I have an NA, Amsoil should have no problems protecting the turbos. I also agree with Volvohead that Redline would...
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    GM On the Rise

    GM has a long way to go before they regain the trust of the American consumer. Despite a few recent reviews, Toyota is set to overtake them in worldwide sales either this year or next, unseating GM from a throne it's held for many years.
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    Where should you store your oil?

    The oil really doesn't care. It's not like it will break down under normal temperatures-if it did then a few weeks inside the engine would destroy it. I keep mine in the shop-it sees lows in the sub-zero range to the 70's in the winter, and highs in the 70's to low 100's in the summer.
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    "A 3000 mile interval is generally best" - fact?

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> Several automakers have tried out on-board computers that " monitor " oil condition based on number of cold starts, short trips, starts/stops, engine load, etc.....and signal for an oil change after a certain number of them, but experience with these devices has shown...
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    cheap, simple washer

    It appears there is some question on the durability of them. <a href="" target="_blank">Epinions</a> Roper is owned by Whirlpool if I remember correctly...
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    Is this legal???

    No different than someone who works in a downtown location and has to find their own parking spot-garage, lot or otherwise. Your employer has no obligation to provide you with a parking spot unless there is city code or a contractual agreement forcing them to.
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    2006 Jeep 4.0 I6...don't see any good syn recs

    In both of my Jeeps (a 1996 and a 2000) they almost always showed high iron numbers-although within acceptable ranges for that engine. The only exception to that was when I ran Castrol HM dino in the 1996 Cherokee-the iron was extremely low. In my Cherokee I have switched to Castrol HM 10W40...
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    new bathtub-whirlpool or jet air?

    We have a corner whirlpool tub in the master bath and really enjoy it. It's a great way to relax. Just don't make the mistake of letting anyone put bubble bath in it.
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    Could A New Battery be bad?

    The new battery can be faulty. I purchased a Dodge pickup new in 1994, within a week the battery wouldn't hold a charge. The dealership replaced it and it was fine after that.
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    Old Subaru's any good?

    As good as any other 20 year old car that's worth 300 dollars.
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    This just frosts my cookies....

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> If the $7 per hour employees invested in their own education and improved their skillset, they wouldn't be $7 per hour employees, would they? Doesn't the person have the responsibility to improve themselves, rather than complaining about the...
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    This just frosts my cookies....

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> I mean if I was an HD shareholder I would be LIVID: <hr /></blockquote> But you're not. It's up to the shareholders to voice their opinions, and if they are OK with it then it's really none of our business. <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> All the while, the people who...
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    PP,same thing happened twice,not with other oils

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> Keep in mind that GM's OLM design wasn't based on $20 UOAs interpreted by Blackstone techs or BITOG hobbyist. It was an intensive effort spanning multiple years using PhD types in laboratories and engineers and techs in...
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    Editorial: Auto Industry Predictions for 2007

    Both Ford and GM will show prototype cars that raise a lot of buzz. By the time they get produced the production model will be far different than the prototype and the market will continue to be disappointed. GM and Ford will both continue to do well overseas, but Toyota will be the #1...
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    Is there an electrician in the house?

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> Installed a dishwasher over the new year's break. If you plug it in to the same three prong wall socket as the disposal is does not work, but the disposal works fine. If you plug the three prong dishwasher plug into a two prong extension cord and plug it into the same...