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    90hp Johnson outboard question

    Hard to tell but it sounds like a 2 stroke to me. :) Since it runs fine at WOT and not so good at lower RPM, you mich check the carbs. There are some small ports for low speed operation that may be clogged. Carbs on those old 2 strokes are simple to clean once you get them off the...
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    Fumoto Valve-long term endurance

    The only complaint I had about the valve is the oil flow was slow. Made the change take longer than it could have. I added greasing my zerks on my u-joints to the task nd that took up the time but I blamed the valve when I had the reach around at odd angles to get to the zerks at every...
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    Did You Do A "Break-In" Oil Change On Your Riding Lawn Mower/Zero-Turn?

    I do the first one early. 1-2 hours then dump it. if it looks "shimmery" (it will most of the time). I reload with a 30 W oil (straight, 10W or 5W. Im in the south so it doesnt matter) then run another 1-2 hours. If it looks shimmery again I keep going until it looks clean. Then I'll...
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    Installing Brake Pads

    file the Buccaneers. :).
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    Best Hotdogs

    i ran a test with my family with nathens. hebrew. ballpatk. bars oscar mayer and HEB. BallPark grilled up the best for us. bun length, plumped up, not too salty
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    Ethanol free gas

    lookup Teryl Dactyl on youtube, hes a smalle engine repair person with corny show but good content. he tested all of the stabilizers vs untreated 87 and 91 octine and p racing non ethanol. all lasted over a year, i thin he stopped at 16months. any gas with ethanol left jelly in the barb...
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    Raw chicken wings warmed up to 50-55 degrees for a few hours, toss?

    Aahhh.,. Youll swell up a little bit but youll be fine. have at em.
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    Stretch / slipover CV boots any good

    it the passenger front side of a 14 sienna. Wanting to not replace the entire axle and also not risk losing a bearing or something while disassembling the ball end. I saw the video on youtube by car care nut and there was a part where he had to airhammer the bearing holder off the spline...
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    Stretch / slipover CV boots any good

    i have seen some ads for stretchable cv boots that slip over the big end of the axle. this would be much easier than taking it apart, My only concern is if the rubber is good for long life after that. CV are not loose or making noise on hard turns si they should still be good. the...
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    Under arm

    ole spice swager
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    Too much grease on caliper brake pin?

    I've tried most of the fancy greases and always go back to Sil-glyde. it does not dry out like the others. I dont know why they do that even the "SUPER DUPER MEGA EXTREME LAVA RATED" grease comes out like chalk on the next brake change.
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    lug nuts corroded between nut and wheel (‘17 Tacoma)

    The only thinking worse that corroded nuts is swollen nuts. 😵‍💫
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    Using an old CRT TV set for Amazon Prime video?

    Yes you could "MAKE" it work but it would have large black bars on top and bottom, or some content cut off on the sides. The converter itself will be ~$30 then the roku or firestick another @30. You will have spent 60 to have a frustrating TV viewing experience. Find a good cheap...
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    Are 4 cylinder versions of cars with other engine types usually in smaller supply at junkyards?

    it could be because the 4 cylinders are still running and not in the junkyard.
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    Post your latest beer consumption

    I burn about 1 QT/trip to the sandbox. I just keep topping off and I'm fine. :)
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    Disappointed with Samsung TV

    This is very true. the model number is slightly different and thtpat does mean something. on my plasma tv it meant that some chips did not get heatsinks installed. these chips failed. when i bought a replacement board, it had heatsinks. thats when i looked at the difference and bought a...
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    Disappointed with Samsung TV

    If it had a one year warranty and you bought it on a Visa card, LESS thank 2 years ago, call your credit card company. A lot of Visas have warranty doubling as a perk on the card. They will double up to a 1 year warranty to make it two years. Others (mastercard, Amex, Discover, etc) may...
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    Is moving a piano fun?

    Once you get it started rolling down the stairs, its all downhill from there. :)
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    Boosting your backup lights?

    If the driveway is the only problem try some cheap solar powered landscape lights. They dont need to be bright just easy to see in the dark.
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    Post shingle pain and fentanyl

    just rub a little Robitussin on it.