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    400k 2016 Jetta

    I rode in a Lyft near Dayton, Ohio earlier this year and the car I rode in was a Toyota Camry with nearly 500k miles. The interior held up well. I was pretty impressed.
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    Lost cost, spray-on rust prevention

    I made the mistake of falling for Ziebarts rustproofing scam. It's a rubberized coating and all it does is trap moisture and destroy everything. My truck frame is now a pile of rust and I've been attempting to fix it ever since I discovered I ruined the frame with their "undercoating" garbage...
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    Would you be caught dead on a Honda Grom?

    I would try, but I'm 6'5" and 255 lbs. Probably would be a bit awkward.
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    P0307 misfire on 2016 Silverado 5.3

    oh, didnt think of that one, ty
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    P0307 misfire on 2016 Silverado 5.3

    My girlfriend's '16 Silverado (5.3 engine) has been throwing a P0307 misfire but only above roughly 3500 rpm. Apparently she had to accelerate hard to avoid a collision and it had a noticeable lack of power and a check engine light came on. I scanned it to get the code and clear it, then took...
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    BFG ATKO2 Reviews

    I've been looking all over for KO3's and I've been unable to find them.
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    BFG ATKO2 Reviews

    Totally agree. My girlfriend has duratracs and I have KO2's, I can't stand driving her truck. Those Duratracs are just awful.
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    Happy 4th! Made in USA cars!

    2015 Silverado, bought it new. 101k miles now. Made in Ft. Wayne, IN.
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    Autozone Employees

    The Autozone next to my house is by far the worst place I've ever been to. You could stand there for hours and no one will acknowledge you. The employees have no knowledge or interest in their job or anything automotive, they are just bodies behind the counter. I have to go to O'Reillys to...
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    KYB shocks now garbage

    I can't say I'm a fan of KYB, because I tried a set on the front of my Silverado last year and they were not of good quality. Lots of noise and the ride was terrible. I took them out and installed Bilsteins and the ride was 100% better and there was much less noise. Just my experience.
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    EV wagon that is NOT a Tesla

    Bolt EUV? Maybe that's too slow for you I guess
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    What does your drive to work consist of?

    15 foot walk to the office across the hallway.
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    BHPH car dealer experiences?

    Many years ago (maybe over 20 years ago? Late 90's i think) I bought a Ford Ranger from a Buy here, Pay here lot. I had garbage credit, but I had finally got a decent paying job and needed a vehicle that wasn't junk. I knew I was being ripped off, I paid thousands more than the truck was...
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    1996 Ford Aspire With 600,000 Miles

    A friend of mine bought one of those Aspires new. The engine was dead within 50k miles. He blamed it on Ford, but I found out later he had never performed any type of maintenance on it whatsoever, including oil changes. Still had the factory fill in it. Later he bought a used Blazer and he...
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    My boss gave me a 7.5% raise this year, what did you get this year ?

    I'm due for a raise this month, likely will get slapped in the face with a 1 or 2% raise, if anything at all. We used to get a solid 8% or more a year, but our company was bought out and that was stopped. I'm still looking for a job but I've received no offers.
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    The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Is the Pickup Formula Perfected

    I was interested in one, I do think it's a good truck. I made a reservation a year ago. I ended up cancelling my reservation yesterday. The local dealer that had my reservation never contacted me at all. I attempted to reach out to them and they never followed up. It really soured the...
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    Someone didn't plan correctly

    You can charge a Tesla by towing it, in an emergency.
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    Installed a dash cam today

    Um, ok. You do you I guess.