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    Driving without a fan

    Bought a cheap fan clutch for my e36 bmw that roared on startup. I just removed the thing October through April. only once when I idled it for 3 hours in the winter did it warm up.
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    Easiest way to attack upper shock nuts?

    working on a Saab 900 I figured out that the rod will break if you remove the bottom and snap the top.
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    What are you working on today?

    2015 bmw 328 m sport, 89k -all struts and shocks. Oh, bmw struts are such a pia to swap over with harbor freight spring compressors. Much swearing. -zf8 fluid and filter swap. Fluid was barely discolored coming out and the magnets have only a small amount of grit on them. 6 qts of zf8 fluid...
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    Observed mpg with strong headwinds

    Drove back from Chicago to Minneapolis in the 335 once, -10-20f, 30 mph headwind the whole way. Averaged 16 mpg that trip, 35% more than usual.
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    BMW E90 Thrust Arm Bushings

    I’ve had to realign after changing brands. Kind of hit or miss.
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    Do Heated Seats Cause Dry Rot

    My seat heating levels are 100, 112, and 120deg f respectively. They get way hotter in the summer sun.
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    Have you ever had to replace an engine in a car?

    when I was a teen I was poor but wanted fun cars. Replaced the engine in a Saab 900 then later same deal with a Saab 9000, both bought from the same junkyard. So grateful my parents refused to co-sign any loan, so I learned to turn my own wrenches and make do for myself.
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    Post your latest mechanical screw up.

    Last august I noticed some oil under my 247,000 335. Thinking it was due for oil pan gasket #4 but not being sure, I pressure washed the engine bay. Over the next few days it began to develop weird miss issues, and the only code was for dme failure. (It was only a couple years old). i didnt...
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    Oh lord the 2023 Accord is ugly

    It looks like it’s wearing several adult diapers. In front.
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    What is the limits when it comes to light bars?

    I got told ”fog lights are for fog!” by a leo back in the early 90s. I miss those lawn order days sometimes.
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    GM's 2.7L - Deep Dive

    I think I rented one of these from Menards. It was a hoot to drive and the turbo sounded great.
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    It's Time to Face the Facts: We Aren't BMW's Target Market Anymore

    My f30 is competent and very comfortable, but the steering is straight out of a 85 LTD. The brakes have no bite because they went with a compound that doesn’t dust. The zf8 is great but sometimes It feels like it has 200 gears because all it does is upshift. But with a m package and shadowline...
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    520d wagon rental

    My only complaint about that drive is that it’s short! we did it with an a3
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    RWD? FWD? AWD? What's best in snow, by how much?

    Just bought my first awd 3 series after 25 years of rwd in Minnesota. It’s nice not getting stuck in deep snow and on the steep approach to the garage. Other than that, I STRONGLY prefer rwd. the breakaway is much more predictable, there’s zero torque steer, and sliding around is very fun. Awd...
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    How do axle ratios affect engine longevity?

    In 1978 (!) my dad ordered a g30 Chevy van with what was supposed to be the tallest rear end (2.73?). What got delivered was the shortest. He didn’t complain and took delivery. By the time I inherited it in high school in the early 90s, that low top speed and screaming 350 probably kept me...
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    Overfilled my 2006 BMW 530I. Would oil level monitoring system indicate overfill?

    For my last few bmws it seemed like it took 7.5 qts to get to full. I certainly wouldn’t worry about it
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    1993 Dodge Shadow - under the valve covers

    I don’t think I’ve seen one of those around here for 15 years!
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    The love/hate relationship with German cars

    Last month marked my 25th year of driving 3 series bmws. Two e30s, an e36, an e46, an e90, and now an f30. (Id give my left nut to have my 318is again) I usually keep them as long as I can. my F30 only has 81k on it so I’m putting the nasty winter miles on my 248,000 mile 335. Plus rwd is so...
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    Mobil 1 EURO 0w40 in lawn mowers and other small engines.....

    I run penzoil Euro 5/30 in my little snowblower for no particular reason
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    German cars better fasteners?

    After wrenching on German cars for a quarter century, I agree. The only exceptions that come to mind are the pinch bolts on Audis and the rear alignment bolts on bmws. Those require some fire. Oh, and exhaust flange bolts on bmws.